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In an at­tempt to con­vince fel­low cit­i­zens of the es­ca­lat­ing peril of too many ba­bies, too few re­sources and global warm­ing, protesters have re­cently tried to bring west­ern cities and eco­nomic ac­tiv­ity to a halt.

As an econ­o­mist and sci­en­tist I don't buy it: cli­mate change isn't the big­gest threat to life on Earth. In fact it's über-greens who im­peril the huge im­prove­ments in global liv­ing con­di­tions made in re­cent decades.

Re­strict­ing com­merce will just limit hu­man in­ge­nu­ity and per­versely in­crease dis­putes over re­sources. Like pol­i­tics, en­vi­ron­men­tal­ism is the art of the pos­si­ble and such ju­ve­nile utopi­anism is wholly im­prac­ti­cal.

John Cameron, St. An­drews

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