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Now is the time to be confident about plans for your home


While our politician­s fight like the proverbial ferrets in a sack we still need to keep a roof over our heads and live our lives with all that entails. We need to upsize, downsize, plan for new babies, grandparen­ts moving in, children moving out and then back home again. To work from home, to have the space to enjoy ourselves, relax and entertain, and not fight over who is next in the bathroom.

We are living in times of uncertaint­y which are going to have a huge impact on family decisions – and housing our families involves the biggest set of decisions we ever make.

It would take a brave or foolish person to predict what on earth is going to happen with Brexit in the time between this edition of Abode being prepared and appearing in print.

The impact of this uncertaint­y is being reflected across the entire housing market, from new build to buying the final scatter cushion for the sofa.

‘Subdued consumer confidence’, said John Lewis, was one of the reasons for its halfyear figures showing a loss of £25.9m from a profit last year of £0.8m and also ‘soft demand’ for home items.

Across the market, analysts are pointing to people factoring in ‘Brexit uncertaint­y’ before making big spending decisions or committing to loans and financing.

But we cannot stand still; life goes on. So we better start building for it. Yes there is uncertaint­y but that just means we have to be excellent when it comes to our decision making be it choice of design, materials, energy efficiency, trades people and finance; and not forgetting that final scatter cushion.

We hope this latest edition of Abode is thought-provoking and that it inspires you to build or renovate with confidence in these unsettled times.

Enjoy your homes.

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