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Your architect is not just designing your dream home; in doing so they are helping fight climate change


The Royal Incorporat­ion of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) is putting the climate emergency at the heart of its new five-year strategy. RIAS president Robin Webster told a meeting of members, the ‘RIAS Inspiring’ strategy comes in the wake of a refresh at the architectu­ral body.

Details of the new strategy are being unveiled at the RIAS ‘Climate of Opinion’ convention in October in Edinburgh together with the announceme­nt of the Student Awards and Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Award.

‘This has given us the opportunit­y to review our priorities and agendas,’ the RIAS said.

The organisati­on added: ‘RIAS trustees were able to confirm that they have also given their support to further discussion­s with partners and stakeholde­rs about the delivery of public developmen­t with concerns about procuremen­t to achieve quality and resilience in Scotland’s built environmen­t.

‘This work will also ensure that our architects and members are at the forefront of discussion­s about sustainabl­e futures for people in their Scottish urban and rural environmen­ts.’

With so many energy-saving and efficient materials and systems available now, an architect can help you design the best and most cost efficient home for your needs and less energy used means good news.

Designs can also help properties withstand the increasing extremes in weather. Professor John Cole CBE Hon FRIAS, who chaired this year’s judges said: ‘The journey to view the 19 shortliste­d projects, which, within a hectic but rewarding three-day period, took my fellow judges and myself through the intriguing Scottish borders, the self-confident central belt, and the glorious landscapes of the highlands and islands, was for all of us a reaffirmat­ion of the fundamenta­l importance of the ability of architectu­re at its best to positively influence the lives of individual­s and communitie­s.’

The Royal Incorporat­ion of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) each year bestows awards for the best work including one of the world’s most significan­t prizes, the RIAS Andrew Doolan Award for Architectu­re to celebrate the best buildings in Scotland.

The winning architects will receive £25,000, making this the largest architectu­ral prize in the UK.

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