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Take an alternativ­e look at your stairs


When it comes to colour and style, stairs have been a little neglected, until now. At Focus/19 the leading internatio­nal design show that neglect is being put right by Alternativ­e Flooring’s new Stair Art, with expressive patterns created in collaborat­ion with some our best British designers.

Alternativ­e Flooring also showcase the new quirky patterned carpet designs alongside the original Stair Art wool runners bringing vibrancy and creativity to Focus/19. The company champions design, craft and UK manufactur­ing. A series of creative collaborat­ions with iconic figures and brands in the world of interiors has brought more stunning pattern into the Quirky collection.

Taking part are Divine Savages, Ella Doran and Margo Selby with archive carpet designs by Lucienne Day, one of Britain’s best-loved 20th-century designers. The nine quirky patterns are each stamped with the personalit­y of the maker – crafty, witty, ambitious and great fun.

On the technical side, each is 69cm wide and expertly woven in British wool by Alternativ­e Flooring on Axminster looms in Wilton, uniting traditiona­l techniques and contempora­ry design.

Deco by Divine Savages

Flamboyant prints take to the floor with a design inspired by the roaring twenties. Divine Savages’ Jamie Watkins and Tom Kennedy said: ‘We’re so excited to be joining forces with Alternativ­e Flooring who share our love of bold colour and print. We have reworked our iconic ‘Deco Martini’, one of our very first designs, for this eye-catching carpet runner, inspired by the Jazz Age.’

Patch, by Margo Selby

Patch and Fair Isle by Margo Selby are vibrant graphic patterns inspired by handwoven textiles developed by Margo Selby on her loom in her Whitstable studio and recreated and blown up to make beautifull­y crafted stair art.

Camo and Waterlake, by Ella Doran

Camo and Waterlake by Ella Doran take nature as their muse. Camo is inspired by the bark markings of Plane. Waterlake reimagines the flow of water in lakes.

Octagon and Squares and Diamonds by Lucienne Day

Octagon and Squares and Diamonds by Lucienne Day are true works of art. Lucienne Day designs from the sixties in their original vibrant colourways are back in production and are woven in the same factory as they were in 1960s.

 ??  ?? From top: Camo by Ella Doran; Deco by Divine Savages; Waterlake by Ella Doran; Patch by Margo Selby.
From top: Camo by Ella Doran; Deco by Divine Savages; Waterlake by Ella Doran; Patch by Margo Selby.

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