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Whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever style of home you are planning to build, there is a fitted kitchen for you.

Over the decades the industry has flourished as we have become a nation of homeowners and our lifestyles have changed.

The kitchen is no longer to be hidden away, it has moved into our main living space and is predominan­tly open-plan.

This has meant the return of the scullery or utility room as the engine rooms of the kitchen where all the grunt work is done away from sight. There is also another phenomenon on the rise: a second kitchen.

Where large and luxury homes are being built a small kitchen is appearing on the first or second floors; a space for a sink, fridge, perhaps a coffee machine and a wine cooler. What might have been some extra cupboard space or part of a larger bedroom is now taking care of early morning coffee, a glass of wine before bed and baby’s middle of the night feed.

Today the choice is breathtaki­ng. The only thing limiting your kitchen is your imaginatio­n as you choose between basic budgetfrie­ndly to baroque and chandelier­ed, by way of rustic or the deck of a star ship.

Whether you want to download an app, get your tape measure out, build the kitchen yourself, or indeed have a bespoke kitchen made by skilled craftsmen and award-winning designers, anything is possible.

The number of small, high-quality bespoke kitchen companies in Scotland is impressive and so is their work, and what is even better is that their services are more affordable than you think.

 ??  ?? Above: Pronorm offer sleak, bespoke kitchens (pronorm. de). Below: Tetbury design in natural oak (
Above: Pronorm offer sleak, bespoke kitchens (pronorm. de). Below: Tetbury design in natural oak (
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