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Time for a bath

Ah, but what kind of bath? Are we talking slipper, roll top, contempora­ry, back-to-the-wall, free-standing, sunken, corner, shower, oval, straight-sided or square?


The bathroom has to be all things to all people – a tranquil spa, a good invigorati­ng blast after a workout, a place where you wrestle wriggling kids into cleanlines­s. Instead of adapting the one bathroom to this role families have decided the answer is: more bathrooms. Or rather bathroom and an en-suite or two, or an extra shower room, a wet room, a loo and wash hand basin downstairs, a shower by the back door - even a dog shower in the utility room.

The bathroom has become the new place for the ‘wow factor’. The choice of size and shape of bathroom fittings has never been better and so too the quality and range of tiling and other finishing touches like bath panels, taps and heating.

Never forget that to do this you need a lot of technical back up, especially when the water pressure does not oblige. The majority of homes have gravity feed water systems. Booster pumps and pump attachment­s are going to be necessary in many cases. Thanks to advances in waste management with macerators and pumps a lavatory can be added almost anywhere in a property.

What guests will see is a perfectly-planned bathroom with piles of neatly folded towels and what you’ll know is the amount of plumbing and electrical engineerin­g it took to achieve this. Powerful extractor fans, sophistica­ted lighting systems and built in wi-fi and Bluetooth or television are now commonplac­e.


The trend for neutral tiles and white fittings makes sense; today’s bathroom is a big-spend item so it must last. Update your space with different colours, textiles and accessorie­s.

Storage is essential. Rooms this good-looking do not want your dental floss, sinus spray and a bottle of loo cleaner killing the mood.

A plastic toothbrush beaker is not going to cut it; the accessorie­s are going to have to up their game.

With all these tiles on the floor and wall and the shower screens, a steam cleaner or window vac is a wise investment.

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