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Planning for your long-term financial future has never been more important.

New adventures or new ventures, whatever you’re planning it pays to get advice today.

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Retirement used to be reassuring­ly predictabl­e. On your 60th or 65th birthday you left employment and had to buy an annuity with the money in your pension pot.

Today, everything is different. With the introducti­on of pension freedoms, we can take our money any way we choose. We’re also living longer, healthier lives meaning we can now decide when, how, and even if, we retire.

But, with this freedom also comes responsibi­lity, and for some, uncertaint­y.

Life’s big retirement questions.

What’s the best way to take an income in retirement? How much money will I need? Is now a good time to retire? Many of us don’t have a clear plan for our retirement years and often underestim­ate how much money we’ll need. Investec can help bring focus and clarity to these questions so you make the right choices for your future.

The earlier you plan, the better your retirement will be.

However vague your retirement goals, it’s never too early to be planning ahead. Investec can help you build a robust and flexible retirement plan that will consider your future expenditur­e, the impact of inflation and that will make best use of tax allowances. A retirement plan which takes into account any gifts you want to make during your lifetime, or inheritanc­e you want to pass on to the next generation. A plan which gives you the flexibilit­y to cope with unexpected events and one that they’ll regularly review to help ensure you’re still on track.

Know where life can take you.

Investec’s role is to help you navigate life’s journey, to achieve financial freedom faster, unlock more opportunit­ies and bring you the peace of mind of knowing where your money and life can take you.

Based in Quatermile, David Bowen from the Investec Edinburgh office has been helping people in Scotland with their planning and investment needs for over a decade.

If you’d like to have an informal conversati­on, please get in touch. Scan to find out more.

Suitable for individual­s with a pension (s) value of £250,000 or more.

Risk warning:

The contents of this article do not constitute a formal recommenda­tion or personal advice and no action should be taken, or not taken, on account of the informatio­n provided.

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