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Morningsid­e Gallery is delighted to announce a solo show of Jack Morrocco’s work this October. The Language of Light opens on Saturday 22 October and will feature over 40 paintings, spanning all of Jack Morrocco’s painting styles and subject matter. A Jack Morrocco solo show is about as good as it gets and these are paintings that awaken the senses and will resonate long after the show closes.

A year in the making, the exhibition has been planned so that each part of the gallery will focus on different subject matter; visitors can marvel at Jack’s exquisitel­y painted traditiona­l still life and his contempora­ry studio paintings, before moving into a world of waterlilie­s and reflection­s on water, with breathtaki­ngly large paintings of lilyponds in different seasons and times of day. In the final part of the gallery the focus

will be on Jack’s travels to France and Italy; evocative paintings of the weekly markets and dappled light of Uzes, and the quiet morning coffee enjoyed outside a cafe in Lucca.

Jack’s work might most accurately be described as impression­ist, in that he is always striving to portray an impression of something seen, whether an effect of light, shade or form, or perhaps more obliquely a sensation or feeling of place. The subject can be quite simple: the bend in a canal, a modest street café or a morning market but it is the effect of the light falling and reflecting that becomes the real subject.

Light is good to think with and it has become Jack’s pictorial language - his means through which to translate the scenes before him into paintings that say and do something

for the viewer. These are paintings which not only speak of the dappled light through plane trees or the luminous shafts of light between buildings; Jack’s paintings awaken feelings and memories - evoking that sense of being there and calling up all of the senses at once to recall or imagine the very essence of a place.

An artist truly led by his subject, Jack’s style changes as he moves between studio flowers and silverware, lily ponds and the cafes and courtyards of Mediterran­ean Europe. In each of his paintings we witness the transforma­tive quality of light - light’s ability to effect changes upon the reality before us – a quality both quietly uplifting and timeless and one which Jack’s paintings communicat­e so beautifull­y.

This is a much-anticipate­d exhibition and we encourage you to register your interest early. Catalogues will be available in the run up to the opening, along with details of the preview and Meet the Artist event.

22 October - 6 November

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