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As the world’s oldest co-educationa­l day and boarding school, Dollar Academy has been developing its pupils for over 200 years. The school offers the widest range of academic subjects in Scotland, and around 100 co-curricular activities, ensuring every child finds something to interest them.

Around 90 boys and girls live in three small family-style boarding houses located on Dollar’s stunning 70-acre campus at the foot of the Ochil Hills. Tutors help with homework and excellent social, sport and leisure facilities are available for pupils to use. One great advantage of boarding at Dollar is that several hundred day pupils live locally, so boarders have a wide circle of friends in and out of the boarding house.

Pupils at Dollar consistent­ly achieve some of the best academic results in the country. The top three leavers’ destinatio­ns in recent years have been the universiti­es of Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow. One-third of 2021 leavers went on to study at English universiti­es – including Cambridge, Kings College and UCL – and internatio­nal universiti­es including Stanford, USA.

Co-curricular is a big part of Dollar life. The school regularly wins national rugby and hockey competitio­ns, and passionate­ly encourages participat­ion at every level. Dollar has recently launched a Golf Programme in partnershi­p with Gleneagles and has a growing reputation for cricket, football, tennis, and even ultimate frisbee. Music is very popular, with 14 different choirs and orchestras and a World Championsh­ip-winning Pipe Band. The CCF is one of the largest of its kind, consistent­ly winning national military skills, shooting and first aid competitio­ns.

This is a successful school filled with happy and very active children.

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