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At The High School of Glasgow, pupils don’t just learn science, they learn to think like a scientist, cook like a chef, be a musician, a mathematic­ian, an actor, an adventurer. Every day, the High School creates memorable moments that unlock the joy of learning. By unlocking this joy, a lifelong skill is establishe­d because there’s always knowledge to acquire, regardless of age. This creates children and young people with an insatiable appetite to absorb, understand, question and challenge. After all, knowledge is power.

The school’s rector, John O’neill, is a firm believer that in order to do

well, you must be well. Pupils are more likely to achieve good results and excel in both extra-curricular pursuits and personal growth when they are happy, and this lies at the heart of the school’s ethos.

The High School’s approach to learning delivers results: in 2022, the overall pass rate at Higher was 97%, with 52% of Senior 5 pupils gaining 5 or 6 Highers at Grade A.

The school motto, Sursum Semper, translated as Ever Upwards, permeates across all aspects of High School life, setting pupils up for success long after they leave. Former pupils become a part of a lifelong community that transcends time zones and territorie­s.

School isn’t a rehearsal for life, it is life. And there is nowhere better to discover the joy of learning. Go and see for yourself!


Tours of the Junior School and Senior School are available year round, simply contact Admissions on Tel: 0141 954 9628 www.highschool­

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