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Merchiston Castle School


Merchiston is a remarkable school where boys gain a world-class, outward-looking education. Wellbeing underpins everything they do, and their smaller school community means they get to know your son really well so they can support and motivate him in just the right way.

Your son will thrive at Merchiston because he will be known, understood, valued, and supported in everything he does.

What Makes merchiston different?

It is a variety of things: their small size; a genuine focus on the individual; and the fact that they really understand their boys and how to get the best out of them. This combinatio­n is the reason your son will strive for personal excellence and want to be the best version of himself – it is the secret of his, and the school’s, success.


Their excellent exam results at GCSE, A Level and Highers, and the university

destinatio­ns and courses of their leavers speak for themselves. How it happens

is much more important, for that is at the very heart of their success.

They will get to know your son: his academic strengths and areas for developmen­t; his interests and what motivates him; and how best to support him through challenges. They will talk to him, encourage, and stretch him. They will

identify opportunit­ies and discuss options. They will make, and refine, plans until

they get it right.


Merchiston enjoys a long, successful sporting history with over 60 Merchiston­ians playing senior internatio­nal rugby and 24 playing internatio­nal cricket (they have many Olympians too). Your son can choose from up to

20 sports, playing for fun and fitness or, thanks to the guidance of some of the country’s leading coaches, compete at the highest level, nationally and internatio­nally. If your son is a talented tennis or golf player, he can enroll in their Tennis or Golf Academy, which offers elite training alongside a tailored academic programme. With unrivalled facilities, their two sports academies are ideal for aspiring athletes.


This is the time in your son’s life for exploring and discoverin­g new talents. He might not be the best at everything, but he won’t know until he tries. He might be a rising sports star, an actor, an accomplish­ed canoeist, or a concert pianist.

They will encourage him to explore as many co-curricular options as possible and gain as much from those experience­s as he can. When he finds the activities that he really enjoys, they will help him to excel at them.

Boarding & Day

Whether a boarding or day student at Merchiston, your son will become part of

a warm, caring and fulfilling community. He will have a diverse social life and

form strong bonds with friends from all around the world. You will undoubtedl­y

notice greater levels of confidence and a genuine respect for others that comes

from co-existing together. Then there’s the resilience, independen­ce and selfmotiva­tion boarding brings too. To get a true feel for this welcoming school, register for their Open Day on Saturday 8 October – a warm welcome awaits.

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