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Gather round a roaring fire and put your family’s knowledge to the test with Rosie, Morag and Richard’s famous Quiz of the Year



1. Which STV entertainm­ent reporter was crowned Influencer of the Year for 2022/23?

2. Hamza Yassin, a wildlife cameraman based in Ardnamurch­an Peninsula, won the public’s hearts when appearing on what TV show?

3. ‘Forget Me’ was the 2022 number one hit for which Glasgow-born singersong­writer?

4. Which Edinburgh actor, who has starred in Downton Abbey and Trigger Point, is about to take on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Rowing Challenge?

5. Rod Stewart, Lewis Capaldi and Paolo Nutini were all winners at which awards ceremony in November?

6. Which actor and philanthro­pist released El Tequileño The Sassenach Select tequila this year?

7. Which actor was named the most Googled Scottish celebrity, with 2.5 million searches each month?

8. What was the name of Line of Duty actor Martin Compston’s 2022 TV documentar­y?

9. Celebrity chef Tony Singh teamed up with which company to release his own range of beers?

10. Trainspott­ing author Irvine Welsh married which Scottish actress?


1. Singer Rab Noakes died in November. He was a member of which band?

2. Scots star Karen Gillan married American comedian and actor Nick Kocher at which castle?

3. Which former Pop Idol contestant, who had a hit with ‘Colourblin­d’, died in August, aged 41?

4. Harry Potter’s Robbie Coltrane died in which month?

5. Singer Michelle Mcmanus had a baby in 2022. How many children does she now have?

6. Which names topped the list of Scottish baby names this year?

7. What girls’ names came in second and third place?

8. Well-kent Scot Jamie Roy died in September at the age of 33. What was he famous for?

9. Lorraine Kelly and her husband Steve Smith celebrated how many years of marriage this year?

10. Nicola Mccann, her partner Jamie Black, and their son Aiden made the headlines this year. Why?


1. What was the date of HM Queen Elizabeth II’S death?

2. What year was she crowned?

3. How many Prime Ministers served under her reign?

4. Who was the last Labour PM to serve under the Queen?

5. What was the name of the Queen’s very first horse?

6. Which of the Queen’s ancestors bought Balmoral Castle in 1852?

7. The Royal Yacht Britannia, which now sits in the Port of Leith, was decommissi­oned in which year?

8. ‘Sandy’ and ‘Muick’ were seen on television at the Queen’s funeral. Who are they?

9. The Queen was a regular attendee of which Highland games?

10. True or false? Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, was present at the Queen’s death.


1. ‘I take up my new duties with thankfulne­ss for all that Scotland has given me.’

2. ‘Whoever says money can’t buy ye happiness has never ordered three takeaways in one day.’

3. ‘It’s not the end of the world to lose.’

4. ‘My gran could do better! And she’s dead!’

5. ‘When women get together as a group, it is immensely powerful.’

6. ‘Marriage is a wonderful invention; then again, so is a bicycle repair kit.’

7. ‘I’m from the same planet as David Bowie.’

8. ‘I’m a rock star because I couldn’t be a soccer star.’

9. ‘You do have to learn how to wear a kilt, and it’s certainly very liberating and very freeing, but surprising­ly very comfortabl­e to wear, to ride a horse in a kilt. I was surprised by that.’

10. ‘Feeling good about yourself as you get older is all about your attitude – if you think you’re old, you’ll feel old.’


1. The Hollow Mountain hydro-electric scheme at Cruachan Power Station near Oban was used as a filming location for the new Marvel film.

2. Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s RRS Discovery celebrated being berthed in Dundee for 50 years in 2022.

3. According to a national survey there are only 542 capercaill­ie left in the wild in Scotland.

4. A Glasgow arts venue is using renewable energy created by the body heat on its dancefloor.

5. Scotland’s first driverless bus is called Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Driverless Machiney.

6. Lisa Williams from Suffolk became the first non-scottish person to win the Golden Spurtle at the World Porridge Championsh­ips in Carrbridge.

7. Clan Buchanan appointed their first clan chief in 340 years in 2022.

8. A new species of coral, Pseudumbel­lula scotiae, was found in Rockall Trough, 240 miles off Scotland’s west coast.

9. A Moray-based rocket manufactur­er is developing a 19-metre-long rocket which it plans to launch near Tongue in Sutherland.

10. Nicola Sturgeon published a paper stating that if Scotland becomes an independen­t nation its currency will be called the punnd feòil.


1. Where was the warmest ever temperatur­e in Scotland (35.1°C or 95.1°F) recorded on 19 July?

2. On 15 August Scotland became the first country in the world to make what free?

3. Which town became Scotland’s newest city in May?

4. Which Scottish author was honoured with a knighthood for their services to literature and charity?

5. Which famous Scottish journalist took up the post of President of the National Trust for Scotland?

6. It was announced that which famous Scot would become the first female to have a commemorat­ive statue on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile?

7. Which adventurer swam continuous­ly for two days and two nights in Loch Ness, covering a distance of 49 miles?

8. Which village held a celebratio­n in September for Europe’s oldest wych elm tree, which stands in its priory and is dying of Dutch Elm Disease?

9. How many cities, including Glasgow, were initially shortliste­d to host 2023’s Eurovision Song Contest?

10. The world’s oldest bottle of whisky was sold by Sotheby’s in October for £300,000. But how old is ‘The Macallan The Reach’?


1. The Open Championsh­ip’s 150th year was played at St Andrews – but where were the first 12 tournament­s played?

2. Which teams are in Scotland’s Rugby World Cup group next year?

3. Scotland’s dream of qualifying for the football World Cup ended when they were beaten 3-1 in the knockout stages by which nation?

4. Who was the only Rangers player to miss a penalty, giving Eintracht Frankfurt a Europa Cup final win?

5. Which team beat Scotland 84-0 at the Rugby League World Cup in October?

6. Who set a new personal best with a stunning run to win gold in the 10,000m at Birmingham’s Commonweal­th Games?

7. Laura Muir won 1,500m gold at both the Commonweal­th Games and European Championsh­ips, but what is her career away from athletics?

8. Eve Muirhead is Scotland’s most successful ever curler but she is also a noted exponent of two other very Scottish pursuits – what are they?

9. Which East Lothian light-welterweig­ht became only the fifth undisputed champion in boxing’s four-belt era?

10. Which Oban golfer won his second European Tour event in Italy in September 2022 when he shot a final round of 64 and then beat reigning US Open champion Matt Fitzpatric­k on the first extra hole with a birdie?


1. Who played hard-bitten detective Jimmy Perez in the hit show Shetland?

2. Which Scottish actor currently stars as Logan Roy in the multi-award winning Succession?

3. Which Scot won the Actor Television Award at this year’s Scottish Baftas for his leading role in Irvine Welsh’s Crime?

4. The Gaelic film Dùthchas was a 2022 hit. Scottish director Andy Mackinnon’s film draws on rare 8mm colour film of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides. What does Dùthchas mean?

5. Which Scottish soap celebrated its 20th anniversar­y in 2022?

6. In Martin Compston and Phil Mchugh’s travelogue Scottish Fling, the most touching moments were when they visited their childhood homes. Where did they grow up?

7. Which series was voted the best Scottish Television show of all time?

8. Which Peter Capaldinar­rated Scottish film about the threat to wild salmon wowed naturalist­s in 2022?

9. Social media went into meltdown when it was revealed that Series 7 of which hugely popular time-travelling Scottish epic might be cancelled?

10. Which Scottish actress, who made her name in Game of Thrones, appeared in the sci-fi romantic drama The Time Traveller’s Wife?


1. What percentage of the vote did the governing party, the SNP, get at the 2022 local elections?

2. Who is the current leader of the Scottish Libdems?

3. What piece of clothing led to a member of the public being thrown out of Holyrood in November 2022?

4. Which prominent Tory was recommende­d for a peerage in Boris Johnson’s resignatio­n honours?

5. Which MP temporaril­y resigned from their party after being accused of groping a male aide at Westminste­r?

6. Which senior Scottish Government minister is fluent in Gaelic and a member of the Free Church?

7. Which prominent national journalist was forced to leave the Herald after 22 years for tweeting that the cabinet named by new prime minister Liz Truss – in which none of the great offices of state were held by white men – was a ‘coconut cabinet’?

8. Who are the leaders of the Scottish Greens?

9. In which overseas country are the two Scottish ferries being built?

10. What is Scottish Conservati­ves leader Douglas Ross’ part-time job?

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