Get to grips with some stun­ning hol­i­day fish­ing at this pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tion in North Wales

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Stun­ning places to fish in North Wales.

An­gle­sey is a pop­u­lar hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion off the north-west coast of Wales, of­fer­ing some stun­ning scenery and plenty of great sea angling venues. The is­land of­fers good fish­ing all year, but most marks pro­duce from June on­wards.

Here, we’ve cho­sen nine marks for vis­i­tors to try, thanks to some great ad­vice from Tel­boys Tackle.

Whether you want to cast feath­ers for mack­erel, try lure fish­ing for bass, float-fish for wrasse and pol­lack, or leger baits for many species, in­clud­ing rays, con­ger eels and huss, there are loads of great marks.


Ray fish­ing is favoured at this pop­u­lar rock venue, which fishes best in the months from June to Oc­to­ber.

Mostly, you are cast­ing on to sand, although there are a few snaggy ar­eas to the left-hand side where con­ger eels might show. Cast­ing a Pen­nell pulley rig to­wards the light­house can pro­duce rays. ■ Species: Thorn­back, small-eyed and spot­ted rays, whit­ing, dog­fish, dabs, plaice, pol­lack, coal­fish, bull huss, codling, whit­ing, con­ger eels, wrasse, rock­ling and mack­erel.

■ Best baits: Sandeels, mack­erel, Bluey and squid for most species, with rag and crabs good for wrasse.

■ Best times: Early spring and sum­mer. Slack wa­ter around low and high wa­ter. Night fish­ing is worth­while.

■ Get­ting there: Fol­low the A55 to­wards Holy­head, turn­ing off at Junc­tion 5 for Aberf­fraw, pass­ing Cable Bay, and go up hill un­til you reach a fork in the road. Take the right-hand turn­ing un­til you reach a dead end. Park near the houses. Fol­low the path­way to the rock mark.


Noted for catches of large mack­erel on feath­ers and lures, this is also a good venue for wrasse and pol­lack to crab and worm baits.

Ex­pect to catch rays, con­ger eels, huss and dog­fish on fish baits. Codling and coal­fish show in win­ter to worm and crab baits. A one-up, one-down rig is a good choice here.

■ Species: Mack­erel, pol­lack, wrasse, plaice, rays, bull huss, whit­ing, dog­fish, coal­fish, ling, con­ger eels and codling.

■ Best baits: Crabs, lug­worms, squid, Bluey, mack­erel, sandeels and lures.

■ Best times: April to De­cem­ber. ■ Get­ting there: From the A5 Val­ley cross­roads, turn left on to the B4545 and after three miles turn right for South Stack and fol­low this road to the beach. Take the first turn­ing on the left and after half-amile take the sec­ond turn­ing left and park your ve­hi­cle. The walk to the venue is about one mile.


One of the is­land’s most pop­u­lar marks, you can take the long walk to the area be­low the lookout at the head­land, or choose the shorter trip to the in­side.

Con­ger eels to 20lb have been caught at the head­land by an­glers fish­ing with big fish baits. Ex­pect pol­lack, wrasse, whit­ing and codling too. The in­side pro­duces dabs, whit­ing, dog­fish, codling, ling and bull huss. A Pen­nell pulley rig is a good choice here.

■ Species: Con­ger eels, bull huss, plaice, dog­fish, pol­lack, coal­fish, codling, wrasse, mack­erel and ling.

■ Best baits: Crabs, lug­worms, rag­worms, squid, sandeels, Bluey and mack­erel.

■ Best times: June to Oc­to­ber. ■ Get­ting there: Sit­u­ated on the north of the is­land and reached on the A5025 from ei­ther Me­nai Bride or Val­ley. At Wylfa, turn right be­fore the main gates to the power sta­tion and fol­low to an­other set of gates where you turn right and park. Ac­cess to the venue is through the kiss­ing gate on the left. The shorter walk is to the in­side of the head­land.


Deep, rough and weedy in places, this mark is tackle-hun­gry, mak­ing it ideal for float­fish­ing with crab or worm baits for wrasse.

The clean sand is fur­ther out and will pro­duces rays to crab and fish baits. Con­ger eels are caught close in too.

Be­sides float-fish­ing, try a one-up, one­down flap­per or a sin­gle hook clipped down.

■ Species: Wrasse, dog­fish, con­ger eels, rays, plaice, pol­lack, pout­ing, ling and whit­ing.

■ Best baits: Mack­erel, Bluey, sandeels, lug­worms, rag­worms and crabs.

■ Best times: June to De­cem­ber. ■ Get­ting there: Fol­low the A5025 to­wards Wylfa and the east side of Ce­maes Bay. At the sign for the Gwesty Gadlys Ho­tel, turn past the ho­tel and fol­low signs for Llan­badrig Church, where there is a small car park.


Noted for its species va­ri­ety, ex­pect large num­bers of wrasse and pol­lack close to the head­land to crab, fish and worm baits, while longer casts with worm and crab cock­tails to the clean sand will tar­get whit­ing and flat­fish.

Ex­pect to catch huss, con­ger eels and rays to good sizes from the flat rocks. Con­ger eels are taken close in. Float-fish­ing is good here, oth­er­wise use a sin­gle hook clipped-down rig.

■ Species: Wrasse, dog­fish, plaice, dabs, codling, con­ger eels, pol­lack and whit­ing.

■ Best baits: Crabs, lug­worms, rag­worms, squid, Bluey, mack­erel and sandeels. ■ Best times: July to De­cem­ber. ■ Get­ting there: From Me­nai Bridge (A55) fol­low the A5025 to Ben­l­lech and Aml­wch and go straight through the vil­lage un­til you reach the golf course on your left. About 200 yards along, you will see a lay-by on the right-hand side. Park here and fol­low the path through the kiss­ing gate.


This is a noted all-year mark for con­ger eels, with a mack­erel flap­per bait ideal fished off the har­bour wall. Take a drop-net.

Sum­mer fish­ing is good for wrasse to crab and rag, while pol­lack, dog­fish and flat­fish are taken on fish baits. Win­ter pro­duces whit­ing, codling, bull huss and pol­lack.

Var­i­ous rigs can be used, rang­ing from a one-up, one-down flap­per to a sin­gle hook, clipped-down con­ger rig or float set-up.

■ Species: Wrasse, pol­lack, dog­fish, plaice, dabs, whit­ing, codling and con­ger eels.

■ Best baits: Rag­worms, lug­worms, crabs, squid, sandeels, Bluey and mack­erel. ■ Best times: Septem­ber to Fe­bru­ary. ■ Get­ting there: Take the A5025 to Aml­wch, where you turn right and fol­low the signs to the port. Park here and walk to the fish­ing.


Sum­mer mack­erel fish­ing is a big draw here, where flat rocks make ideal fish­ing po­si­tions. For the best mack­erel sport, use light tackle.

Win­ter pro­duces coal­fish and codling on worm/squid cock­tails or fish baits, along with dabs, strap con­gers, dabs and the odd bass.

Fish with one-up, one-down rigs or a sin­gle hook clipped down. Feath­ers for mack­erel.

■ Species: Wrasse, mack­erel, dog­fish, dabs, plaice, pol­lack, bass, con­ger eels, whit­ing, coal­fish, codling and bull huss.

■ Best baits: Lug­worms, rag­worms, mack­erel and sandeels.

■ Best times: June to Oc­to­ber. ■ Get­ting there: From the Me­nai Bridge, take the A5025 to the Llanallgo round­about, where you turn right to Moelfre. There is easy park­ing, and it’s a short walk to the beach.


Dou­ble-fig­ure bass are caught ev­ery year on crab or sandeel baits, but this is also an­other good area for mack­erel fish­ing with feath­ers.

Fish­ing a float rig close in with crab or rag baits pro­duces wrasse, while fur­ther out on the sands you can lo­cate rays. Drift­ing a float near the light­house, where there is a ledge about 200 yards off, can pro­duce bass too.

Fish with pater­nos­ter rigs con­tain­ing one, two or three hooks, but be pre­pared for tackle losses. The light­house is pop­u­lar, but avoid get­ting cut off by wa­ter com­ing in be­hind you.

■ Species: Wrasse, thorn­back rays, pol­lack, bass, flat­fish, mack­erel, whit­ing, codling, dog­fish and con­ger eels.

■ Best baits: Crabs, lug­worms, sandeels, Bluey and mack­erel.

■ Best times: June to Oc­to­ber. ■ Get­ting there: Lo­cated in the north-east cor­ner of An­gle­sey, it is reached on the A545 from Me­nai Bridge to Beau­maris where you join the B5109 to Penmon. There is a short walk from the car park.







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