Mas­sive stingray gets shore an­glers out in force on the Sus­sex coast­line RECORD-SHAKER

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Anight ses­sion at a beach in West Sus­sex pro­duced a huge stingray for Sam Wad­man, and soon other an­glers were on the case.

He fished the Pagham area twice over the early May bank hol­i­day. On the sec­ond day, he caught a dog­fish on his first cast, but it all went quiet un­til 3am.

“I was on the verge of packing up, be­cause I had used up all my bait, when there was a pull on my right-hand rod, fol­lowed by lots of slack line,” said Sam, who lives in Brighton.

“Wind­ing down fast, I came up against some se­ri­ous re­sis­tance as a pow­er­ful fish kited down­tide, tak­ing line as it ran.”

Even­tu­ally, the big fish tired and he was able to slide it up the shin­gle. Sam did not have any scales with him, and other an­glers had left, so the ray was re­turned with­out be­ing weighed. The Bri­tish shore-caught record is 78lb 8oz caught in 2015 at Ch­e­sil Beach.

“There’s no doubt that it was huge – some have spec­u­lated that it was get­ting on for record size,” said Sam.

He caught the stinger on a big bunch of rag­worms fished on a pulley rig made with 80lb mono and a size 6/0 Tsunami Black Mako X-Strong hook. He used a 14ft Rovex Range­mas­ter rod and Rovex Re­venge 8000 reel loaded with 24lb Rovex 10X line.

The grapevine was soon alive with news of Sam’s fish and a week later Rob Tu­dor, of Porstmouth, used a Pen­nell pulley rig with size 3/0 hooks baited with rag­worms to catch a stingray of 55lb, his best fish from the shore.

At the same time Dean Scott-Den­ness, from Southamp­ton, used the same bait on an up-and-over rig with size 4/0 hooks to take a 47lb stinger. He’d fished for six hours with­out a bite be­fore he hooked the fish.

Two an­glers from Wales caught four stingers. Ben East­man, of Cardiff, caught fish of 48lb and 70lb, while Lee Byrne, of Barry, had fish of 40lb and 65lb.

After three years and spend­ing hun­dreds of pounds on rag­worms, Bren­den Moon, of South­sea, fi­nally caught his first stingray, at 64lb 13oz from a noted mark in West Sus­sex.

A few weeks ear­lier, Sarah Croft beached a stingray which bot­tomed out her scales at 55lb. The an­gler from Wor­thing says other an­glers es­ti­mated the fish to weigh 65-75lb.

She caught it at low tide at Pagham, on a size 5/0 hook baited with king rag.

On the Isle of Wight, Gareth Turner, of New­port, vis­ited a lo­cal beach on May 14 in search of st­ingrays. At first he caught school bass and smooth­hounds, but per­sisted with worm and crab cock­tails and was re­ward­ed­with a stinger which bot­tomed out his club’s scales at 55lb. It was es­ti­mated to weigh 60-70lb.

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