The lat­est re­sults from Bri­tain’s big­gest event for shore match an­glers


Lat­est re­sults from our shore con­test.


THE ALL ENG­LAND CODLING CHAM­PI­ONSHIPS Whitby to Flam­bor­ough, York­shire, 111 an­glers

A su­perb bag of codling weigh­ing 34-8-12, in­clud­ing the event’s best fish of 5lb 9oz, se­cured the All Eng­land ti­tle for lo­cal an­gler Mark Thomas.

43 an­glers weighed in fish at this clos­ing shore match of the pop­u­lar an­nual Scar­bor­ough An­gling Fes­ti­val, with Matt Hil­l­aby tak­ing sec­ond with 23-3-2 and Monty Bur­ton in third with 18-14-6.

■ Re­sult: 1 Mark Thomas, Scar­bor­ough, 34-8-12, in­clud­ing heav­i­est codling, 5-9-0 (11pts); 2 Matt Hil­l­aby, Scar­bor­ough, 23-3-2 (10); 3 Monty Bur­ton, Stain­ton­dale, 18-14-6 (9); 4 Mick El­lis, Scar­bor­ough, 13-2-14 (8); 5 Dan Mid­dle­mas, Scar­bor­ough, 13-2-10 (7); 6 Rob Al­li­son, Liver­ton Lof­tus, 13-1-10 (6); 7 Chris Scaife, Fi­ley, 13-0-10 (5); 8 Mal­colm Skel­ton, Bridling­ton, 12-13-12 (4); 9 Scott Blow­man, Fi­ley, 12-4-0 (3);

10 Andy Clyde, York­shire, 12-3-4 (2).

ANYFISH ANY­WHERE TWO-DAY OPEN Llan­dudno, Col­wyn Bay, Pen­maen­mawr, Conwy, 316 an­glers

A zone win and a sec­ond dur­ing this two­day event earned top spot for Es­sex an­gler Craig Buy (above right) with three points.

The an­gler, from Colch­ester, topped zone B on day 1, hav­ing made a great start with three dog­fish on his first cast and fin­ish­ing with 11 for 7,080 points. His day 2 catch was 12 fish for 3,340pts.

Run­ner-up with four points, thanks to two sec­ond places, was Mal­colm Stote, who caught 30 fish for 11,580pts in the first match, and 10 for 3,640 on day 2.

Third went to Gareth Gar­diner with 23 fish for 10,940pts and fourth place in his zone on day 1, along with six fish for 1,240pts for sec­ond in zone on day 2.

Day win­ners were Ge­orge Smith with 13,460pts and Adam Sc­holes with 5,410.

Rule 2 ap­plies with a max­i­mum 20pts for the win­ner, with zones based on daily en­try (158 an­glers).

■ Re­sult: 1 Craig Buy, Colch­ester, 3pts (20 Penn pts); 2 Mal­colm Stote, Lyming­ton, 4 (19); 3 Gareth Gar­diner, Sun­der­land, 6 (18). Heav­i­est fish – Ben Price, Holy­head, 96cm bull huss (10). Zones – day 1, Chris Horn, Kirkcaldy, & Ge­orge Smith, Grimsby (both 5) & Ben Price, Holy­head. Day 2 – Adam Sc­holes, Gir­van; Saul Page, Deal; Steve Lemm & Ian Gra­ham (all 5).

BOB YARKER TRO­PHY OPEN Whitby to Flam­bor­ough, York­shire, 73 an­glers

An­drew Dixon won the Scar­bor­ough An­gling Fes­ti­val’s open­ing shore rover with a bag weight of 16-15-2.

Sec­ond went to Phil France with 12-14-0, and third to Richard Cap­ple­man with 11-7-2. ■ Re­sult: 1 An­drew Dixon, 16-15-2 (7pts); 2 Phil France, 12-14-0 (6); 3 Richard Cap­ple­man, 11-7-2 (5). Heav­i­est fish – Dave Turn­bull, Dar­ling­ton, 6-4-0 (2).

CLYDE AND WEST JU­NIOR AND SE­NIOR OPEN Greenock, Ren­frew­shire, 103 an­glers

Fished in heavy rain, win­ner of this an­nual event was Vic Searle with seven fish for 438 points from peg 146 in zone C.

The same zone dom­i­nated the lead­ing places, with Alex Bell and Jamie Pa­ton tak­ing sec­ond and third from pegs 148 and 143 re­spec­tively.

Alex had eight fish for 433 points, and Jamie caught seven for 428.

The long­est fish was Gor­don Cur­rie’s 69cm dog­fish. Zone A win­ner was Mike Kyle with five fish for 162 points at peg 23, with Chris Horn win­ning zone B from peg 99 with six fish for 232 points.

Ju­nior cham­pi­onship win­ner was Aaron Mur­phy with three fish for 161 points.

■ Re­sult: 1 Vic Searle, He­lens­burgh, 7 fish, 438pts (10pts); 2 Alex Bell, Kil­marnock, 8, 433 (9); 3 Jamie Pa­ton, Stran­raer, 7, 428 (8). Zones – Mike Kyle, Ed­in­burgh, 5, 162 & Chris Horn, Kirkcaldy, 6, 232 (both 3). Long­est fish – Gor­don Cur­rie, Salt­coats, 69cm dog­fish (3).

FI­LEY BRIGG AS FES­TI­VAL OPEN North Yorks, 65 an­glers

Win­ner of this heav­i­est fish match was Pete Dunn with 7lb 7oz 3dr pol­lack, and he also had the heav­i­est bag of 24-4-5, which con­sisted of pol­lack.

■ Re­sult: 1 Pete Dunn, Scar­bor­ough, 7-7-3, also heav­i­est bag, 24-4-5 (6pts);

2 Corky Agar, Scar­bor­ough, 4-11-8 (5); 3 Matt Skel­ton, Bridling­ton, 4-0-5 (4).

CHAN­NEL AN­GLERS SAC FLATFISH OPEN Burn­ham on Sea, Som­er­set, 70 an­glers

Win­ner Gary Si­mons caught six Dover soles for 124cm, with run­ner-up Luke Hol­land tak­ing a sole and floun­der for 57cm.

■ Re­sult: 1 Gary Si­mons, Cleve­don,

6 fish, 124cm (7pts); 2 Luke Hol­land, Cleve­don, 2, 57cm (6); 3 Adrian Ford, We­ston-su­per-Mare, 2, 50cm (5). Heav­i­est fish – Jim Rad­ford, 30cm/1-1-12 (1). Zone – Chris Stephens, Brid­gend (1).

NEW­BIG­GIN OPEN Sea­houses to Tynemouth, 372 an­glers

Win­ner was Steve Dixon, of Sea­ham, with seven cod for 25-0-9 caught from Mar­den rocks.

Sec­ond and third in this match, fished on a calm, sunny and show­ery day and a north-west­erly breeze, were Billy Fos­ter

and Gra­ham Turner. They were also fish­ing at Mar­den Rocks and both caught four fish for 15-2-1 and 11-12-6 re­spec­tively.

Heav­i­est fish was a 6lb 1oz 6dr cod for Bobby Sur­tees, who fished at Sea­houses.

Next best was Ge­orge Hornsby’s 5lb 11oz 8dr codling, caught at How­ick.

Ju­nior win­ner Con­rad Mil­lard fished at Craster and caught a 3lb 9oz codling.

Heav­i­est flatfish was a 2lb 12oz tur­bot for Lexie Wat­son, who fished at Druridge Bay.

The event pro­duced 149 cod, 16 floun­ders, two coalies, two dabs, two tur­bot and a dog­fish for 424-7-2.

■ Re­sult: 1 Steve Dixon, Sea­ham, 7 fish, 25-0-9 (30pts); 2 Billy Fos­ter, Sun­der­land, 4, 15-2-1 (29); 3 Gra­ham Turner, New­big­gin, 4, 11-12-6 (28). Heav­i­est fish – Bobby Sur­tees, Ry­hope, 6-1-6 cod (10).


All the top weights in this Fi­ley Fes­ti­val event for the heav­i­est weight of cod came from an­glers fish­ing un­der Bemp­ton cliffs.

Win­ner was Matt Hil­l­aby with 10 codling for 36-13-5.

Sec­ond was Pete Atkin­son with 23-13-9, fol­lowed by Tom Mar­shall with 21-7-7.

■ Re­sult: 1 Matt Hil­l­aby, Scar­bor­ough, 36-13-5 (12pts); 2 Pete Atkin­son, Scar­bor­ough, 23-13-9 (11); 3 Tom Mar­shall, Bridling­ton, 21-7-7 (10). Heav­i­est fish – Adrian Colling, Fi­ley, 5-2-3 (4).

SOUTH­ERN LEAGUE RND 8 & OPEN We­ston Shore, Hants, 74 an­glers

One of the Penn Sea League’s front run­ners, Ben Arnold won this match and moved into top spot.

Two smooth­hounds, eels and bass gave the an­gler, from Wor­thing, a win­ning weight of 10-7-0 from peg 75 in zone D. One of his hounds, weigh­ing 1lb 10oz, was the event’s heav­i­est fish.

Dave Lane, on peg 33 in zone A, was sec­ond with 4-10-0, while ju­nior an­gler Sam James was third with 4-4-0 from peg 57 in zone C.

The heav­i­est flatfish was a 1lb 1oz floun­der for John De­laney.

■ Re­sult: 1 Ben Arnold, Wor­thing 10-7-0, in­clud­ing heav­i­est fish 1-10-0 hound (7pts); 2 Dave Lane, Wey­mouth, 4-10-0 (6); 3 Sa­muel James, Portsmouth, 4-4-0 (5). Zone – Lee Ga­trell, Portsmouth, 2-1-0 (2).

THE SCAR­BOR­OUGH OPEN AN­GLING CHAM­PI­ONSHIP Whitby west pier to South Land­ing, Flam­bor­ough, Yorks, 69 an­glers

Ian Thomp­son won the penul­ti­mate shore event of the Scar­bor­ough An­gling Fes­ti­val with a bag of 15-13-8.

With 33 an­glers weigh­ing in, sec­ond place went to Phil France with 14-5-10, and third to Dave Bielby with 12-15-10. Heav­i­est fish was Ray Mad­di­son’s 5lb 13oz codling.

■ Re­sult: 1 Ian Thomp­son, Scar­bor­ough, 15-13-8 (6pts); 2 Phil France, Scar­bor­ough, 14-5-10 (5); 3 Dave Bielby, Scar­bor­ough, 12-15-10 (4). Heav­i­est fish – Ray Mad­di­son, 5-13-0 codling (2).

WELSH FSA EAST RE­GION SHORE LEAGUE OPEN Sully and Ben­d­er­icks, Vale of Glam­or­gan, 54 an­glers

Seven con­ger eels, the best weigh­ing 6.28kg, from the slop­ing ledge on the right­hand side of Sully Is­land se­cured vic­tory in this rover for Ben Davies (above).

Sec­ond was Chris Read, who also fished on Sully, where he caught five con­gers for 9.32kg. Third went to Rory Jenk­ins, of Tonyre­fail, with three con­gers and a dog­fish for 9.06kg.

■ Re­sult: 1 Ben Davies, Llantwit Ma­jor, 7 fish, 15.02kg (5pts); 2 Chris Read, Cardiff, 5, 9.32kg (4); 3 Rory Jenk­ins, Tonyre­fail, 4, 9.06kg (3).

YORK­SHIRE OPEN CODLING CHAM­PI­ONSHIPS Whitby to Flam­bor­ough, York­shire, 94 an­glers

Ge­ordie vis­i­tor Steve Wil­liams, who won the Penn fi­nal at Boss­ing­ton this year, topped this Scar­bor­ough An­gling Fes­ti­val rover with a 27-2-6 bag of codling. The Jar­row an­gler’s best fish, a su­perb 16lb 13oz 12dr cod (pic­tured right), was the heav­i­est in the match. He was fish­ing at Cloughton.

Billy Colling, of Fi­ley, was sec­ond in this cod-only event with 26-11-2, with ju­nior an­gler Miles I’An­son tak­ing third with 16-9-0, which in­cluded the event’s sec­ond heav­i­est fish, an 8lb 14oz 12dr cod.

■ Re­sult: 1 Steve Wil­liams, Jar­row, 27-2-6, in­clud­ing heav­i­est fish 16-13-12 (9pts); 2 Billy Colling, Fi­ley, 26-11-2 (8); 3 Miles I’An­son, Scar­bor­ough, 16-9-0 (7).

Steve Dixon Bobby Sur­tees

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