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One of the big­gest headaches any shore an­gler can ex­pe­ri­ence is choos­ing where to fish. Sim­ply turn­ing up at the beach and just fish­ing close to your ve­hi­cle will un­doubt­edly be a mis­take.

To get the best from a mark, it’s al­ways a great idea to take the time to view it over low tide. Not only will this of­fer you the chance to see the ground you’ll be fish­ing over, but you’ll soon spot any po­ten­tial fish-hold­ing ar­eas – or fea­tures – to im­prove your chances.

These ar­eas of­ten in­volve things like gul­lies, patches of rock, weed or kelp, and holes that have been scoured out by a re­cent storm. Find­ing where these are leaves you with a vir­tual map of the fish­ing area in your mind.

■ TOP TIP: Put the ef­fort into lo­cat­ing po­ten­tial fish-hold­ing ar­eas over low tide to give you a bet­ter chance of catch­ing.

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