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Many shore an­glers make the big mis­take of tar­get­ing fish that they think are there, rather than what is likely to be in front of them.

Some venues do in­deed have po­ten­tial to throw up the oc­ca­sional big fish. But, these are gen­er­ally few and far be­tween.

Fish­ing a shal­low venue where lots of flat­fish are present means that fill­ing a large-hook Pen­nell rig with a huge bait will cer­tainly re­sult in fail­ure.

It’s a good plan to seek ad­vice from lo­cal an­glers or tackle shops and make it your pri­or­ity to dis­cover which venues pro­duce cer­tain species.

■ TOP TIP: Those an­glers who are pre­pared to walk the ex­tra dis­tance and away from the crowd of­ten have the most suc­cess.

Get the plan­ning right and the re­wards will come

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