The lat­est re­sults from Bri­tain’s big­gest event for shore match an­glers

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Aldeburgh, Suf­folk, 135 an­glers

In his first match, Craig Wal­lis won this an­nual event with four fish for 1-9-8 from peg 8.

Sec­ond went to Rick Ben­nett on page 6 with two fish for 1-1-8, while third was shared be­tween Louie Smith on peg 54 with three fish and Austin Adams at peg 77 with one fish, both for 0-13-0.

■ Re­sult: 1 Craig Wal­lis, Suf­folk, 4 fish, 1-9-8 (13pts); 2 Rick Ben­nett, Ip­swich, 2, 1-1-8 (12); Jt 3 Louie Smith, Dover, 3 & Austin Adams, Ip­swich, 1 (the heav­i­est fish), both 0-13-8 (both 11). Zone –

Ian Reynolds, South Ben­fleet, 1, 0-7-0 (4).


Cold Knap & Porthk­erry, Vale of Glam­or­gan, 110 an­glers

Top spot went to John Bray, of Barry, with two con­ger eels for 11.82kg, with run­ner-up Paul Crook fin­ish­ing on 10.01kg, con­sist­ing of three con­gers and a pout­ing.

The match in­cor­po­rated the 2017/18 Garry Evans Sea­mas­ter Fi­nal.

■ Re­sult: 1 John Bray, Barry, 2 fish, 11.82kg (11pts); 2 Paul Crook, Barry, 4, 10.01kg (10); 3 Dean Cur­tis, Cardiff, 3, 6.25kg (9); 4 Chris Read, Cardiff, 3, 6.11kg (8); 5 Richard Potts, Tyler­stown, 2, 6.04kg (7); 6 Karl Thomp­son, Barry, 4, 5.58kg (6); 7 Cyril Cross, Cardiff, 4, 5.18kg (5);

8 Chris Stephens, Porth­cawl, 4, 5.00kg (4); 9 Dave Richards, Cardiff, 5, 4.21kg (3); 10 Steve Roberts, Cardiff, 3, 3.82kg (2). Pool – Ray Christo­farato, Barry, 0.39kg pout­ing (3).


Blue An­chor to Mine­head, Som­er­set, 81 an­glers

Two con­ger eels and a thorn­back ray for 227 points se­cured vic­tory for Cleve­don an­gler Stu­art Withy­man.

Run­ner-up Dave Lane, of Wey­mouth, caught a con­ger and a dog­fish for 226 points, while third-placed Dan Palmer had two con­ger eels for 167.

■ Re­sult: 1 Stu­art Withy­man, Cleve­don, 227pts (8pts); 2 Dave Lane, Wey­mouth, 226, also big­gest fish, 140pts con­ger (7); 3 Dan Palmer, We­ston Out­casts, 167 (6).


Hen­don to Dene­holme pipe, Hor­den

Warm con­di­tions and a flat and clear sea pro­duced tough con­di­tions for cod fish­ing, but Steve Wil­liams caught a 5lb 13oz fish to win the match and go top of the Penn Sea League Pre­mier Divi­sion.

Steve, who won this year’s Penn fi­nal at Boss­ing­ton, scooped a £1,000 prize for vic­tory in this pop­u­lar an­nual event.

What a day for 10-year-old Keane Green­how, sec­ond with a 5lb codling. He won the heav­i­est bag with 6-12-8, and was the top ju­nior for the sec­ond year run­ning. He was fish­ing at the north pier, where he fished Bluey and mus­sel baits.

■ Re­sult: 1 Steve Wil­liams, Jar­row, 5-3-0 codling (30pts); 2 Keane Green­how, Sun­der­land, 5-0-0 codling, also heav­i­est bag 6-12-8 (29); 3 Mike Vasey, Whitby, 4-13-0 (28).


Am­ble to Tynemouth, Northum­ber­land, 107 an­glers

Eleven cod for 20-13-0 at Cam­bois se­cured first place for Geoff King, of Bur­radon.

Sec­ond was Jade Nick­le­son, of New­big­gin, who fished at Haux­ley and caught seven for 20-10-0. Fill­ing third was Steve Harper, of Tynemouth, who caught seven for 14-2-0 at West Bay.

■ Re­sult: 1 Geoff King, Bur­radon, 11 cod, 20-13-0 (13pts); 2 Jade Nick­le­son, New­big­gin, 7 cod, 20-10-0, also heav­i­est fish, 4-12-0 (12); 3 Steve Harper, Tynemouth, 7 cod, 14-2-0 (11).


Hast­ings, East Sus­sex, 86 an­glers

De­cided on the best weight dur­ing ei­ther of the two days, the win­ner was Tom Wells with 17 fish for 10-0-0 from peg 7 in the har­bour sec­tion (zone A).

The fol­low­ing day, the same peg pro­duced the win­ner again when

Mick Snelling caught eight fish for 6-7-0.

Heav­i­est fish of the two days was a 2lb 4oz bass for Gary Medler, who was fish­ing the New Church sec­tion.

Sec­ond on day 1 was Keith Er­ridge with 8-1-0 and sec­ond on day 2 was Steve Swann with 11 fish for 6-1-0.

Large num­bers of fish, mostly dog­fish, bass, flat­fish and sev­eral small con­gers, were caught, but there were lots of un­der­size whit­ing. A good num­ber of Dover soles were caught too, par­tic­u­larly in the har­bour sec­tion.

■ Re­sult: 1 Tom Wells, Deal, 10-0-0 (8pts); 2 Joe Croxan, 7-12-0 (7);

3 Ju­lian French, 7-11-0 (6). Heav­i­est fish – Gary Med­lar, Martham, 2-5-0 bass (3). Zones (points based on daily en­try) –Ja­son Carter, 8 fish, 5-13-0 & Steve Swann, 14, 5-9-6; Mick Snelling, Selsey, 6-7-0, Ian Hop­per, East­bourne, 12, 5-12-0 (all 1pt).


Craster to Tynemouth, 165 an­glers

Five codling for 13-10-0 caught from Seaton Sluice se­cured top spot for Steve Coverdale, of Dar­ling­ton.

Close be­hind was Penn Sea League fi­nal win­ner Steve Wil­liams, of Jar­row, with four codling for 12-0-0, with Paul Lee, of Hartle­pool, fin­ish­ing third with three codling for 10-2-0.

Heav­i­est fish was a 7lb 3oz cod for Ian Greenacre, of Blyth, who fished at the Doc­tor’s House at How­ick.

■ Re­sult: 1 Steve Coverdale, Dar­ling­ton, 5 cod, 13-10-0 (16pts); 2 Steve Wil­liams, Jar­row, 4, 12-0-0 (15); 3 Paul Lee, Hartle­pool, 3, 10-2-0 (14). Heav­i­est fish – Ian Greenacre, Blyth, 7-3-0 (6).


Ab­bots­bury, Dorset, 156 an­glers

Light winds and clear wa­ter were not ideal for cod fish­ing, but there were 10 caught, along with plaice, whit­ing and dog­fish.

Win­ner of the £1,000 heav­i­est bag prize was Till Hall, of Bath, with three codling for 4-15-0. The heav­i­est fish prize of £500 went to Ben Arnold with a 4lb 8oz codling. Ben was third over­all be­hind Garry Young with 4-10-0.

■ Re­sult: 1 Till Hall, Bath, 4-15-0 (15pts); 2 Garry Young, Southamp­ton, 4-10-0 (14); 3 Ben Arnold, Wor­thing, 4-8-0 (13).


River Tyne to River Wear, Tyne & Wear, 123 an­glers

The first prize of £600 for the heav­i­est round­fish in this Cleadon SAC event went to Dar­ren Browne with a 5lb 13oz (2.682kg) codling caught at Mars­den.

Sec­ond place went to Paul Rogers with a 4lb 8oz (2.106kg) codling. Third was Lee Jack­son with a 4lb 4oz (2.022kg) codling, and he also had the heav­i­est bag weight with five fish for 11-0-0 (5.084kg). A to­tal of 32 an­glers re­turned to the scales.

■ Re­sult: 1 Dar­ren Browne, South Shields, 5-13-0 (12pts); 2 Paul Rogers, South Shields, 4-8-0 (11); 3 Lee Jack­son, Cleadon, 4-4-0 & heav­i­est bag, 11-0-0 (10).

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