Mul­ti­ple tests for vet­er­ans and ju­niors in Lin­colnshire

Shooting Gazette - - Gundogs - Re­port by: Gilly Bell

Club: Lin­colnshire URC

Event: Puppy, spe­cial puppy, vet­eran and ju­nior han­dler work­ing test

Venue: Noc­ton, Lin­colnshire

Spon­sors: Mr and Mrs M. Straw­son

Judges: Laura Marsh and Sue Lowe (pup­pies), Laura Marsh and Sarah Coomber-smith (vet­er­ans and ju­nior han­dlers)

Chief ste­ward: Martin Eveleigh

There were a to­tal of four tests for each of the 23 dogs that com­peted in this work­ing test at Noc­ton and the ju­nior han­dlers did the same tests as the vet­er­ans.

In test one a mark was thrown a short dis­tance away onto the track for spe­cial pup­pies. The dummy for the pup­pies was fur­ther away and, for the vet­er­ans and ju­nior han­dlers, even fur­ther. These lat­ter three groups then re­turned along the track for a blind that had been put out whilst the dog was re­turn­ing with the mark.

Test two was in sugar beet. For spe­cial pup­pies, it was a short mark. The pup­pies had a dou­ble mark, pick­ing the last dummy down first. The other two groups re­trieved the first dummy down first and had to go a greater dis­tance.

Test three was a short mark on the grass bank along­side the wa­ter. When this was picked, the spe­cial pup­pies were turned to re­trieve a dummy thrown into the wa­ter. For the other dogs, the mark on the bank was thrown and then the mark in the wa­ter. Vet­er­ans and ju­nior han­dlers did the same test but the dum­mies were thrown fur­ther away.

In test four each spe­cial puppy walked-up in sugar beet with the judge and had a mark to the right fol­lowed by a mark to the left. The other groups had a two-dog walk-up. The right­hand dog picked a mark to the right and then the left-hand dog re­trieved a mark to the left. Af­ter an­other short walk-up, each dog had a cross­ing re­trieve.

Vet­eran award win­ners, from left: Ann Min­shall, Laura Marsh, Emily Bris­tow, Sarah Coomber-smith & Vicki Straw­son.

Puppy award win­ners, from left: David Mid­dle­ton, Laura Marsh, Deb­bie Yates, Sue Lowe, Liz Woods, Steve Burns & Anne Crookes.

Ju­nior han­dlers, from left: Rob­bie Slingsby, Sum­mer Slingsby & Reg­gie Walker.

Spe­cial puppy win­ners: John Ia­cono, Rob Robin­son & Zoe Bir­chall.

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