Lord Ripon and the ham­mer ejec­tor

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Prob­a­bly the great­est ever devo­tee of the ham­mer ejec­tor was Lord Ripon. He was born Fred­er­ick Oliver Robin­son on jan­uary 29, 1852, and upon the death of his fa­ther in 1909, suc­ceeded as the 2nd Mar­quess of Ripon.

In 1885 he mar­ried the so­ci­ety beauty of her day, Gladys, Lady Lons­dale. Com­pared to her some­what aus­tere hus­band, Gladys was a lead­ing so­cialite and in con­junc­tion with a hus­band renowned as the finest shot in the whole of Great Bri­tain, both hus­band and wife were in great de­mand at so­ci­ety func­tions.

Lord Ripon owned the estate of Stud­ley Royal in York­shire com­pris­ing around 21,800 acres. He was very con­ser­va­tive in his choice of guns, pre­fer­ring ham­mer guns long af­ter ham­mer­less guns came into use.

His guns were all built by Purdey and most were trios. His later guns were trios of ham­mer ejec­tors and Lord Ripon prob­a­bly more than any­body else came to be associated with ham­mer ejec­tor guns. This goes a long way in ex­plain­ing the kudos ham­mer ejec­tors have to­day. He would prac­tise with his two load­ers hav­ing his guns handed to him at full cock in a well-oiled three-man oper­a­tion.

Lord Ripon shoot­ing with his trio of Purdey ham­mer ejec­tor guns.

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