Ex­cit­ing new venue for retriev­ers in Lincolnshire

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Club: United Retriever Club (Lincolnshire Area) Event: Spe­cial puppies, puppies, vet­er­ans and ju­nior han­dlers

Venue: North Ow­ersby

Judges: Julie Camp­bell and Will Hales

Chief stew­ard: Sue Lowe


Thanks to Mr B. Wilkin­son for al­low­ing us to run these tests over such in­ter­est­ing ground. The tests for the ju­nior han­dlers were the same as those for the vet­er­ans.

In test one the spe­cial puppies had to pick a mark in wa­ter. The dogs then had to go through cover to re­trieve a dummy thrown on to grass. The puppies had a longer swim and had to go a greater dis­tance through the cover to the grass. For the vet­er­ans, a mark was thrown into the wa­ter fol­lowed by an­other di­ag­o­nally across the cover. The sec­ond mark was picked first.

Test two was a walk-up. Each spe­cial puppy walked-up with the judge af­ter a mem­ory was thrown be­hind. Af­ter a few steps, han­dler and dog turned and the spe­cial puppy was sent for the mem­ory. A mark was thrown af­ter a few more steps and the spe­cial puppy sent.

It was a two-dog walk-up for the puppies. The first dog was sent for a mark on the right and the sec­ond for a mark on the left. The puppies changed places and the ex­er­cise was re­peated. It was a two-dog walk-up for the vet­er­ans as well. There was a blind be­hind in the area of a cor­ner and a mark in front. The first dog picked the blind and the sec­ond re­trieved the mark.

In test three both han­dler and spe­cial puppy had to re­trieve. A mark was thrown into cover for the puppy to pick, then a dummy was thrown in front of the cover for the han­dler to re­trieve. Puppies had a mark in grass and one in cover that was picked first. For vet­er­ans it was a blind — picked first — in cover and a mark on grass.

For the fi­nal test there was a mark in the wood fol­lowed by an­other in the same place for the spe­cial puppies. The puppies’ test was sim­i­lar, but they started from fur­ther away.

Vet­eran dogs did a pick­ing-up ex­er­cise fur­ther into the wood. A shot was fired and two dum­mies out of three were re­trieved.

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