Hol­land & Hol­land .360 Minia­ture Ex­press

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In 1883 Hol­land & Hol­land won all 10 classes in The Field ri­fle tri­als and from this date on­wards, it was re­garded as the pre-em­i­nent ri­fle mak­ers in the world. The firm built ri­fles in ev­ery cal­i­bre from mas­sive 4 bores to tiny .250 rook ri­fles and their pro­duc­tion was prodi­gious in the 19th cen­tury.

A par­tic­u­larly pop­u­lar round for dou­ble ri­fles for use both at home and abroad was the .360 minia­ture ex­press. This de­scrip­tion fit­ted such dou­ble ri­fles ex­actly as they were iden­ti­cal to the far big­ger .577 and .450 big game ri­fles but they were much smaller, hence the term minia­ture ex­press.

These dou­ble ri­fles were avail­able in ham­mer and ham­mer­less form and could fire ei­ther of two charges, the ex­press shoot­ing 1½ to 2 drams with a con­i­cal ball for deer and the like up to 150 yards and a lighter spher­i­cal ball shoot­ing ½ a dram for rooks and rab­bits up to 50 yards.

They were also used for light game abroad such as an­te­lope and kan­ga­roo and so on. They were light and easy to carry and to­day these dou­ble minia­ture ex­press ri­fles are highly col­lectible due to their diminu­tive size and very grace­ful lines.

At the turn of the cen­tury a bestqual­ity ex­am­ple such as the sub­ject of the main ar­ti­cle cost 65gns, with a plain qual­ity equiv­a­lent cost­ing 30gns to 40gns, still a con­sid­er­able sum of money at the time.

Hol­land & Hol­land also struck gold with its .360 Minia­ture Ex­press, a dou­ble ri­fle ex­actly the same as its .577 and .450 big game mod­els, but con­sid­er­ably smaller, avail­able in ham­mer and ham­mer­less form.

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