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SPOTON: Good Names for Dogs

by Gail Gar­butt Strug­gling to name the new­est per­ma­nent ad­di­tion to your an­kles? Gail Gar­butt’s thought­ful and at times hilarious sug­ges­tions will raise a smile and more than a few laughs among dog own­ers of all ages. Punc­tu­ated with quotes and poems from fa­mous names through­out his­tory, this A-Z will give you plenty of ideas, bro­ken down into themes as var­ied as Drink­ing Friends and Ship­ping Sta­tions. Ideal for a dog-lover’s Christ­mas stock­ing.


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by D. P. Hart-davis

If you need a page-turner this Christ­mas, D. P. Hart-davis’ tale of so­cial change, new money, game shoot­ing and mur­der fits the bill nicely. Deatho­fahigh

Flyer is filled with char­ac­ters many of us will recog­nise, from the game­keep­ers at Dun­morse Hall, now owned by mil­lion­aire Hansi Hart­zog, to the vil­lagers and farm­ers less than im­pressed with what is hap­pen­ing in their pleas­ant idyll. You’ll have it fin­ished by Box­ing Day.


Mer­lin Un­win Books, mer­li­n­un­

THE KNOWL­EDGE: Ev­ery Gun’s Guide to Con­ser­va­tion by the Game and Wildlife Con­ser­va­tion Trust (GWCT)

Cov­er­ing sub­jects in­clud­ing habi­tat man­age­ment, game birds and preda­tor con­trol, this timely book will strengthen the ar­mour of not only our sport in gen­eral but also its par­tic­i­pants when pro­mot­ing it to the wider pub­lic. If you have a ques­tion about con­ser­va­tion, the chances are it will have been an­swered here. Very easy to read, this is an in­valu­able re­source to have within arm’s reach.



THE SPORT­ING SHOOTER’S HAND­BOOK: An In­tro­duc­tion to the Sport by Gra­ham Down­ing Writ­ten in the au­thor’s usual ap­proach­able style, this book cov­ers myr­iad sub­jects from shot sizes and shot­gun ap­pli­ca­tions to the law, safety and dif­fer­ent kinds of shoot­ing avail­able in the UK. An ab­so­lute must for any­one new to shoot­ing or those who would like to ex­pand their knowl­edge of the sport, lit­tered with hints and tips that make en­try into new ar­eas of the sport that lit­tle bit eas­ier to di­gest.


Quiller, quiller­pub­lish­


Game­larder by Jose Souto and Steve Lee

As much a celebration of feath­ered game and the ben­e­fits shoot­ing brings to the coun­try­side as it is a recipe book. Aided and abet­ted by the likes of Brian Turner CBE, Nigel Bar­den and Michel Roux Jr, Jose Souto and Steve Lee have pro­duced a weighty tome which will ap­peal to shoot­ers and food­ies alike. A timely re­minder of why it’s so im­por­tant to do jus­tice to the quarry that we shoot dur­ing the sea­son.


Mer­lin Un­win Books, mer­li­n­un­ THE GREAT SHOOTS: Bri­tain's Finest Shoot­ing Es­tates – Past and Present by Brian P. Martin

The third edi­tion of The­great

Shoots is big­ger and bet­ter than ever. Brian P. Martin has amassed over 275 pages of game shoot­ing his­tory, anec­dotes and pho­tog­ra­phy that will el­e­vate the stature of any book­shelf. An ever bet­ter read if you’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the es­tates listed. More than a few for the bucket list can be found within.


Quiller, quiller­pub­lish­ TWENTY THOU­SAND SHOTS by David J. Baker

“One who has Fired 20,000 Shots at Marks” was the pseu­do­nym of Arthur J. Lane, a let­ter writer to The­field on the sub­ject of gun ex­per­i­ments. Lane be­came an in­sti­tu­tion at the magazine, writ­ing 173 let­ters in to­tal. David J. Baker’s book is a fas­ci­nat­ing read of a by­gone coun­try life and of some­one who con­ducted ex­per­i­ments at his own ex­pense.


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