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I feel com­pelled to write to you re­gard­ing the large photo used re­cently (In the lap of lux­ury, 2 Jan­uary). I have been shoot­ing for nearly 60 years and have only once in all that time seen any­one shoot a pheas­ant as close as that. I was both dis­mayed and dis­heart­ened to see such a photo in Shoot­ing Times.

If you say the Gun is 6ft tall, and al­low­ing for the fact that he is bend­ing his knees, the dis­tance from his head to the bird’s is less than 20ft. Any shot that con­nected would have blown the bird to pieces.

This type of photo, if seen by an­tis, does shoot­ing no good at all. I, and I am sure all other Guns, would be pleased if a sim­i­lar one was never again pub­lished. It gives to­tally the wrong im­pres­sion of what we do.

J. G. Pickard, Devon

The Ed­i­tor re­sponds: The bird looks to be ris­ing quite sharply but it does look to be a lit­tle too close. Your sec­ond point about the an­tis is an in­ter­est­ing one. Surely a sub20-yard bird hit hard — if it is a safe shot, of course — is less prob­lem­atic than a very tall bird that gets pricked?

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