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Main fab­ric: 12x20cm (5x8in) Fab­ric scraps: for win­dow, doors and roof

Stranded cot­ton

String or cord for ty­ing

Small but­ton for door han­dle Eyelet

Ba­sic sewing kit


The fab­rics used are from Han­tex Li­nens.

Nat­u­ral Spots, Ash Grey. Ref: LT101-7. Ash Grey Spots, Nat­u­ral. Ref: LT126-7. Nat­u­ral Solid. Ref: LT511.

For stock­ists visit www.han­


Use a 1cm (!⁄"in) seam al­lowance You will find the em­plate needed on the pull-out pat­tern sheet.


Step one Trace around the outer lines of the house tem­plate from the pull-out pat­tern sheet and cut around it to make a pat­tern. The solid outer lines are the cut­ting lines and the in­ner dot­ted lines are the stitching lines.

Step two Fold your main fab­ric in half, pin the pat­tern on and cut around the outer lines to make the front and back of the house.


Step one Cut 5x10cm (2x4in) of scrap fab­ric for the roof.

Step two Place it right sides (RS) to­gether with the front of the house fab­ric piece, plac­ing one long edge 1cm (!⁄"in) above the dot­ted line that marks the edge of the roof on the tem­plate. Step three Stitch the roof to the house us­ing a 1cm (!⁄"in) seam al­lowance so you are ac­tu­ally stitching along the tem­plate roof line.

Step four Fold the fab­ric back over to the top of the house and press.

Step five Trim the roof fab­ric so it lines up with the edges of the cut out house front.


Step one Trace around the door shape. It ex­tends be­low the stitching line so you sew over it later when you as­sem­ble the house for a neat fin­ish. Pin it to a fab­ric scrap and cut out. Step two Place the door on top of the RS of the cut out front of the house, re­fer­ring to the tem­plate for po­si­tion­ing, and pin into place. Step three Re­peat this to cut out the two win­dows from other fab­ric scraps and pin them into place.

Step four Stitch the door and win­dows into place us­ing a run­ning stitch with two strands of stranded cot­ton, just in­side the edge.

Step five Stitch the win­dow pane lines us­ing run­ning stitch through the centre of both of the win­dows as shown.

Step six Sew a but­ton onto the door to rep­re­sent the han­dle.


Step one Draw your cho­sen name in pen­cil in the centre of the roof fab­ric, re­mem­ber­ing to leave enough space to add an eyelet later.

Step two Stitch over the drawn name in back­stitch us­ing two strands of stranded cot­ton


Step one Place the dec­o­rated house front and plain house back RS to­gether.

Step two Stitch to­gether all the way around, but leave a turn­ing gap in the centre of one side. Step three Turn the fab­ric RS out through the turn­ing gap, turn the edges of the gap to the in­side and press. Step four Top­stitch around the edge to neaten and hold the gap closed.


Step one Punch an eyelet in the centre of the top of the roof.

Step two Thread string or cord through the eyelet to fin­ish.

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