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AL­WAYS MEA­SURE YOUR­SELF BE­FORE you choose a pat­tern size to cut out. The sizes do vary greatly from pat­tern to pat­tern, so it’s al­ways best to mea­sure your­self ac­cu­rately and then re­fer to the pat­tern’s size chart to find your size. The chart will usu­ally be printed on the pat­tern en­ve­lope or on the in­struc­tions in­side.

Mea­sure your­self in your un­der­wear and prefer­ably in the bra you’ll be wear­ing un­der­neath your gar­ment as this can al­ter the mea­sure­ments slightly. Use a fab­ric tape mea­sure as it’ll curve around your body well for ac­cu­racy. You can mea­sure on your own if you stand in front of a mir­ror, but, for best re­sults, ask a friend to help so they can check the tape mea­sure is sit­ting in the right places. Make sure the tape mea­sure sits snugly around you but is not pulled tight.

Take the mea­sure­ments shown in the di­a­gram and note them down.

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