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Collinder 89, rest­ing 2º east of M35, is an­other large open clus­ter at the foot of the twin Cas­tor. De­spite hav­ing the same mag. +5.7 bright­ness as its neigh­bour, Collinder 89 is less ob­vi­ous be­cause it cov­ers a larger area of 1º, dou­ble that of M35. Con­se­quently, a low-power eye­piece is es­sen­tial here. The rich Milky Way back­ground cam­ou­flages this sparse ob­ject well. The best way to lo­cate it is to use Pro­pus and mag. +2.9 Te­jat Pos­te­rior (Mu ( ) Gemi­no­rum). Find the mid-point

+ be­tween th­ese two stars and head north by about half the dis­tance be­tween them. A group of three mag. +6.5 to +7.0 stars marks the clus­ter’s eastern bound­ary, with two 6th-mag­ni­tude stars to the north­west mark­ing the clus­ter’s west­ern edge. SEEN IT

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