NGC 2158

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Lo­cated 24 ar­cmin­utes south­west of M35’s cen­tre is fainter and more com­pact open clus­ter NGC 2158. At mag. +8.6 and just 6 ar­cmin­utes across, it gets over­shad­owed by its more dra­matic neigh­bour, ap­pear­ing as noth­ing more than a blurry smudge through aper­tures smaller than 8 inches. In 8- to 10-inch scopes, ap­prox­i­mately 40-50 stars can be seen on the thresh­old of visibility. The clus­ter has a cen­tral con­den­sa­tion re­sem­bling the ap­pear­ance of a small glob­u­lar. Although it may look less im­pres­sive than M35, there is good rea­son for this: M35 is es­ti­mated to lie 2,800 lightyears from Earth, while NGC 2158 is far more dis­tant at 11,000 lightyears. SEEN IT

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