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Now let’s cap­ture the two AVI videos that we’re go­ing to process into our still im­ages for com­bin­ing. Try to cap­ture be­tween 1,000 and 2,000 frames for each video. High frame rate CCD cam­eras work best here as they can cap­ture many frames in a short pe­riod, al­low­ing you to catch those rare mo­ments of good see­ing. Don’t worry if the disc of the Sun is com­pletely over­ex­posed in your se­cond video (the one ex­posed for the promi­nences), as the disc from that im­age won’t ac­tu­ally be vis­i­ble in the fi­nal com­pos­ite.

Raw video Fil­tered, stacked and sharp­ened Flat field ap­plied

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