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Open clus­ter Collinder 106 lies about 1º north of Collinder 107. Its mem­ber stars are ar­ranged more lin­early, in a cen­tral line run­ning mostly northsouth. Sur­pris­ingly, de­spite look­ing more like a reg­u­lar clus­ter, this cen­tralised ar­range­ment works against Collinder 106 as it makes the clus­ter even harder to pick out from the back­ground Milky Way. The bright­est star is HD 47129, also known as Plas­kett’s Star, a spec­tro­scopic bi­nary con­sist­ing of two hot gi­ants, each 50 times more mas­sive than the Sun and or­bit­ing one an­other at a dis­tance of 80 mil­lion km; roughly half the Earth-Sun dis­tance. Re­mark­ably, the or­bital pe­riod of th­ese im­mense ob­jects is just 14.414 days! SEEN IT

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