NGC 2244

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NGC 2244 is the open clus­ter lo­cated at the cen­tre of the Rosette Neb­ula. It’s vis­i­ble with binoc­u­lars but a tele­scope is needed to bring out de­tail. A 6-inch scope shows about 30 stars, with six of th­ese form­ing two par­al­lel lines of three in the middle. The clus­ter is about 50 lightyears across and con­tains two mas­sive stars. In­nocu­ous-look­ing HD 46223 marks the south­west cor­ner of the main pat­tern of six stars in NGC 2244 and is es­ti­mated to be 400,000x brighter than the Sun and 50x as mas­sive. Nearby HD 46150 is es­ti­mated to be even larger at 60x the mass of the Sun and 450,000x as bright. SEEN IT

At the cen­tre of the Rosette Neb­ula lies the open clus­ter NGC 2244

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