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Our fourth and fifth tar­gets are only 25 ar­cmin­utes apart; you should be able to get them in

the same field of view Eighth-mag­ni­tude open clus­ter M52 is eas­ily within reach of a small scope, and eas­ily found too. Ex­tend an imag­i­nary line from mag. +2.2 Schedar to mag. +2.3 Caph (Al­pha (_) through Beta (`) Cas­siopeiae; nei­ther shown on chart) and con­tinue for the same dis­tance again. Or­ange mag. +5.0 star 4 Cas­siopeia lies 40 ar­cmin­utes to the north. The clus­ter’s bright­est mem­ber is a mag. +7.7 yel­low gi­ant star. A 4-inch scope at 30x mag­ni­fi­ca­tion shows M52 as a misty oval; ap­prox­i­mately 10 stars ap­pear at 60x. A 6-inch scope in­creases the count to around 50 stars. M52 is be­lieved to be 35 mil­lion years old but its dis­tance is un­cer­tain due to in­ter­ven­ing Milky Way dust. Cur­rent es­ti­mates put it at be­tween 3,000 and 7,000 lightyears away. SEEN IT

NGC 7510 King 19

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