IC 1470

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Our last tar­get is a patch of HII emis­sion neb­u­los­ity known as IC 1470 (Sh2-156). This is lo­cated by con­tin­u­ing the south­west tar­get pro­gres­sion we’ve been fol­low­ing: it lies slightly far­ther from King 19 as the dis­tance be­tween King 19 and NGC 7510. The neb­ula is small, visu­ally mea­sur­ing just over 1 ar­cminute across. With a low mag­ni­fi­ca­tion it looks like a fuzzy star in ap­pear­ance. At mag. +11.5, you’ll need a 10-inch or larger scope to make out any de­tail. A chal­lenge for larger aper­tures is to look for the neb­ula’s tri­an­gu­lar core, which is di­vided by darker ma­te­rial. A 13th­mag­ni­tude star sits within the neb­ula. SEEN IT

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