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The Sodium D-Line Quark is a re­ally good piece of kit for any so­lar as­tronomer. The abil­ity to im­age straight through poor see­ing with a low Sun in win­ter is quite an achieve­ment, as all too often it’s not worth set­ting up your equip­ment. Hav­ing a clear 20mm aper­ture fil­ter al­lows the use of the lat­est large sen­sor cam­eras with no dis­tor­tion to the im­age.

The fil­ter al­lows for high-speed imag­ing due to its bright­ness com­pared to the cal­cium and hy­dro­ge­nal­pha Quarks, which is use­ful for mak­ing the most of gaps in the cloud to grab im­ages quickly.

On a large aper­ture te­le­scope with good see­ing in the sum­mer it should be pos­si­ble to make some nice time lapse videos of sunspots and gran­u­la­tion move­ment. The eye­piece holder can be re­moved and re­placed with an in­ter­fer­ence elim­i­na­tor for higher qual­ity im­ages.

This sunspot was im­aged us­ing the Sodium Quark – it’s a stack of the 250 best frames from a cap­ture run of 1,000

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