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Best time to see: 1 Sept, 22:30 BST (21:30 UT) Al­ti­tude: 11º Lo­ca­tion: Capri­cor­nus Di­rec­tion: South

Al­though not high in UK skies, Mars shines away at mag. –2.1 in the evenings at the start of Septem­ber, with a de­cent ap­par­ent size of 20 arc­sec­onds. As the Earth-Mars dis­tance in­creases, the Red Planet’s ap­pear­ance changes rapidly. By mid-month it’s sig­nif­i­cantly dim­mer at mag. –1.7, with an 18 arc­sec­ond disc. By 30 Septem­ber, Mars is at mag. –1.3 with a 15 arc­sec­ond di­am­e­ter.

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