Download plans, di­a­grams and ex­tra pho­tos to help you build your tel­lu­rion

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Print out the down­load­able draw­ings and tem­plates and use them to care­fully mark out the ply­wood sec­tions be­fore cut­ting out the shapes. It is a good idea to use a sharp point to mark through the cen­tre of each hole to aid ac­cu­rate drilling.


Af­ter cut­ting out, tape the ply­wood arms to­gether. Use a 6mm drill to drill through both at once – this en­sures the holes will line up later on. Mount the year disc on a piece of scrap and ro­tate it against a san­der to get a per­fect cir­cle.


Drill holes in some scrap wood to sup­port the tubes as you saw them to length. File the ends flat while held in the block. Cut mitres al­most all the way through to help form the bends. Make sure there are no burrs so the tubes pass smoothly through each other.


Af­ter check­ing against the plans, care­fully sol­der the parts of the Earth and Moon arms to­gether. Make sure joints are freshly sanded and use a sol­der with a flux core to en­sure a good joint. A nor­mal elec­tri­cal iron should suf­fice. File off any sur­plus.


Drill holes in the Earth and Moon balls. Glue a 5mm tube through Earth’s axis and sol­der a small shoul­der on the arm so it ro­tates with­out drop­ping down. If you are us­ing a bulb, make sure the Sun has a larger hole and sup­port­ing ‘cup’ on its tube.


Care­fully paint all the parts. Cut a sec­tion of belt and glue it round the cir­cum­fer­ence of the year disc. Build the Sun arm first then fit the Earth and Moon arms. Make sure you have fit­ted the Sun electrics if re­quired then com­plete with the year disc and base.

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