How do I re­duce light pol­lu­tion?

Sky at Night Magazine - - SKILLS - STEVE RICHARDS is a keen astro im­ager and an as­tron­omy equip­ment ex­pert

Light pol­lu­tion is a ma­jor mod­ern-day is­sue for astronomer­s, rob­bing ob­servers and as­tropho­tog­ra­phers alike of clear views of the fainter ce­les­tial ob­jects.

The most ef­fec­tive way of deal­ing with light pol­lu­tion is to travel to a dark-sky site, usu­ally out in the coun­try­side away from street light­ing, but this isn't al­ways pos­si­ble, of course.

As­tropho­tog­ra­phers can make use of spe­cial light pol­lu­tion sup­pres­sion fil­ters to re­move some pol­lu­tion ef­fects dur­ing post-pro­cess­ing. Ob­servers don't have it so easy but a good ul­tra-high con­trast (UHC) fil­ter can help here. How­ever, no fil­ter will brighten a ce­les­tial ob­ject; all the fil­ters can do is help to re­move the un­wanted light.

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