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In the far south­ern con­stel­la­tion of In­dus, start at mag. +4.4 star Delta (b) Indi, then move 3° south­west to find a brilliant binoc­u­lar triple star, JC 25 (RA 21h 44.0m, Dec -57° 20’), ar­ranged in a dog-leg shape. Start­ing from its cen­tral mag +6.5 star, one mag. +6.9 com­pan­ion is lo­cated 2.5 ar­cmin­utes north, with the other mag. +7.3 star 3.1 ar­cmin­utes south­west. All three are dis­tinctly yel­low. Re­turn­ing to Delta Indi, move 3.8° north to un­cover the mag. +9.9 ir­reg­u­lar gal­axy, IC 5152 (pic­tured – RA 22h 02.7m, Dec -51° 18’). Its claim to fame is be­ing a mem­ber of the lo­cal group of galax­ies. Vis­ually this oval-shaped (1.5 ar­cmin­utes x 3.0 ar­cmin­utes) haze ap­pears evenly lit but ob­serv­ing it is a bit of a challenge, as the gal­axy has to com­pete with the glow of a bright (mag. +7.8) star on its north­west­ern edge.

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