Sky at Night Magazine - - APOLLO 50TH ANNIVERSAR­Y -

11 Oct, 15:02 GMT

Apollo 7 lifts off on top of a Saturn IB, a smaller ver­sion of the rocket that would take fu­ture crews to the Moon.

11 Oct, 15:05 GMT

First stage runs out of fuel and drops away. Liq­uid hy­dro­gen­fu­elled sec­ond stage (S-IVB) takes over.

11 Oct, 15:13 GMT

Apollo 7 reaches an or­bital path of 227-285km.

11 Oct, 17:57 GMT

The Com­mand Ser­vice Mod­ule sep­a­rates from S-IVB, turns around and sim­u­lates dock­ing with a Lu­nar Mod­ule.

12 Oct, 17:27 GMT

The en­gines that would take fu­ture Apollo mis­sions to the Moon are given a test fire.

12 Oct

Apollo 7 drifts 120km away from the S-IVB, then re­turns in a re­hearsal for find­ing a lan­der re­turn­ing from the lu­nar sur­face.

14 Oct, 14:45 GMT

The first live TV broad­cast from space be­gins af­ter a two­day de­lay caused by crew ten­sions.

22 Oct, 10:56 GMT

The crew re-en­ters Earth’s at­mos­phere.

22 Oct, 11:11 GMT

Apollo 7 splashes down in the At­lantic Ocean.

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