From the big­gest to the small­est, how the So­lar Sys­tem’s rings com­pare

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Öpik-Oort Cloud

Ra­dius: 200,000AU Width: 150,000AU Dis­cov­ered by: Ernst Öpik, Jan Hendrik Oort (the­o­rised)

Hills Cloud

Ra­dius: 30,000AU Width: 28,500AU Dis­cov­ered by: JG Hills

Scat­tered Disc

Ra­dius: 100AU Width: 50AU Dis­cov­ered by: David C Je­witt, Jane Luu (fist ob­ject)

Edge­worth-Kuiper Belt

Ra­dius: 55AU Width: 30AU Dis­cov­ered by: David C Je­witt, Jane Luu

Main as­ter­oid belt

Ra­dius: 3.2AU Width: 1AU Dis­cov­ered by: Giuseppe Pi­azzi (who dis­cov­ered Ceres, the first ob­served ob­ject within the belt)

Rings of Saturn

Main rings: Ra­dius: 480,000km (out­er­most) Width: 410,000km (in­ner to outer) Dis­cov­ered by: Chris­ti­aan Huy­gens

Phoebe dust ring:

Ra­dius: 12,500,000km Width: 4,766,000km Dis­cov­ered by: Anne J Ver­bis­cer, Michael F Skrut­skie, Dou­glas P Hamil­ton

Rings of Jupiter

Ra­dius: 226,000km (out­er­most) Width: 134,000km (in­ner to outer) Dis­cov­ered by: Voy­ager 1

Rings of Nep­tune

Ra­dius: 62,900km (out­er­most) Width: 22,000km (in­ner to outer) Dis­cov­ered by: Voy­ager 2

Rings of Uranus

Ra­dius: 51,150km (out­er­most) Width: 9,300km (in­ner to outer) Dis­cov­ered by: James L El­liot, Edward W Dun­ham, Jes­sica Mink

Rings of Haumea

Ra­dius: 2,287km Width: 70km Dis­cov­ered by: 10 cen­tral Euro­pean ob­ser­va­to­ries

Rings of 10199 Chariklo

Ra­dius: 410km (out­er­most) Width: 20km (in­ner to outer) Dis­cov­ered by: 10 tele­scopes in Ar­gentina, Brazil and Chile

Rings of 95P/Ch­i­ron

Ra­dius: 320km (out­er­most) Width: 20km (in­ner to outer) Dis­cov­ered by: Amanda Bosh, Jes­sica Ruprecht, Michael Per­son, Amanda Gul­bis

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