The sen­sor

Sky at Night Magazine - - OCTOBER / FIRST LIGHT -

The IMX294 is a 4/3-inch, back-il­lu­mi­nated sen­sor with a di­ag­o­nal size of 23.2mm and a res­o­lu­tion of 4,144x2,822. In 14-bit mode the cam­era will run at around 16fps at full res­o­lu­tion and up to 25fps in 10-bit mode. When the cam­era is used in ROI mode, the frame rate can run up to 120fps. HGC (high gain con­ver­sion) mode switches on when the gain goes over 120 and this helps to keep the dy­namic range con­stant. The 63700e full well ca­pac­ity (the amount of charge an in­di­vid­ual pixel can hold be­fore sat­u­rat­ing) is three times that of an ASI 1600 cam­era’s, mak­ing it very sen­si­tive and ideal for elec­tron­i­cally as­sisted astronomy (EAA), live stack­ing and live dis­plays at out­reach events. What this re­ally helps with is cut­ting down the sat­u­ra­tion of stars even when cap­tur­ing long ex­po­sures, which has been a prob­lem with some CMOS sen­sors in the past.

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