These lu­nar fea­tures make great tar­gets for close-up lu­nar shots re­veal­ing lots of beau­ti­ful de­tail

Sky at Night Magazine - - LUNAR ASTROPHOTO­GRAPHY -

Crater Clav­ius

This is a great tar­get if you’re try­ing to push your equip­ment to its limit. See how many of the small crater­lets on the FUDWHU RRU \RX FDQ FDSWXUH

Montes Apen­ni­nus

This im­pres­sive chain of peaks, stretch­ing around 600km, is one of the great lu­nar moun­tain ranges and a good tar­get for afo­cal pho­tog­ra­phy.

Crater Coper­ni­cus

One of the most stun­ning craters on the Moon, Coper­ni­cus makes for a won­der­ful imag­ing tar­get. See if you can cap­ture its PDJQL FHQW WHUUDFHG ZDOOV

Val­lis Alpes

This dra­matic val­ley cuts across the lu­nar Alps. The chal­lenge here is to see if you can cap­ture the elu­sive rille that runs right through it.

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