El­iz­a­beth Pear­son rounds up the lat­est as­tro­nom­i­cal ac­ces­sories

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1 Price 01342 ([SORUH 6FLHQWL F [ fo­cal £151 837098 ex­ten­der • Sup­plier • www.tele­scope­ Tele­scope House

Triple the fo­cal length of your tele­scope and in­crease your mag­ni­fi­ca­tion with this handy ex­ten­der. High build qual­ity en­sures sharp­ness.

2 Price 01322 Lunt £26.95 403407 Mini • • Sup­plier www.har­rison­te­le­ SUNoc­u­lars Har­ri­son Tele­scopes

Take ‘SUNoc­u­lars’. a safe look Their at the small Sun size us­ing makes these them 6x30 per­fect for sunspots for travel, from across al­low­ing the you globe. to keep watch Price Po­lar £9.90 Gear

• Sup­plier lunch On­line Kitchen­wear bowl www.on­linek­itchen­ In the mid­dle of a cold ob­serv­ing ses­sion, there’s up. This noth­ing in­su­lated like lunch a hot box snack keeps to warm food you pip­ing hot to help keep you go­ing. 4 As­tro ba­sic Moon DQG FRORXU OWHUV Price £10 • Sup­plier North­ern Op­tics shop.noth­ernop­

These no-non­sense fil­ters have a sturdy de­sign and a low price tag, mak­ing them ideal for bud­ding as­tronomers get­ting started in plan­e­tary and lu­nar ob­serv­ing. 5 Science Mu­seum Float­ing Moon Price £14 • Sup­plier Science Mu­seum 020 7942 4000 • shop.sci­ence­mu­

Keep the Moon within reach with this lev­i­tat­ing globe, kept aloft by mag­nets. 6 Baader Mi­crostage II digis­cop­ing adap­tor Price £31 • Sup­plier Tring As­tro 01442 822997 • www.tringas­

This adap­tor cre­ates a sta­ble plat­form for tak­ing pic­tures afo­cally through your eye­piece with a dig­i­tal cam­era. Then use the swing arm to move the cam­era out of the way and ob­serve through the eye­piece.

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