10x50 binoc­u­lars, £100-£200

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Price £179 • Weight 935g • Ex­tras Wide, ny­lon neck strap; teth­ered ob­jec­tive caps and rain-guard; semi-rigid vinyl case Sup­plier Op­ti­cron UK • Tel 01528 726522 • www.op­ti­cron.co.uk

The Op­ti­cron TGA binoc­u­lars are more than 100g lighter than any of the other Porro prism binoc­u­lars in this test group, but this doesn’t come at the ex­pense of rugged­ness. Not only are they cov­ered in a sub­stan­tial rub­ber ar­mour, but they come with a semi-rigid case that of­fers ex­cel­lent pro­tec­tion against the rigours of reg­u­lar, var­ied use.

Their field of view is on the nar­row side at 5.3°, but this is com­pen­sated for by ex­tremely good colour cor­rec­tion and colour ren­di­tion. Star colours were vi­brant in the eye­pieces. Images were bright and stars were tack-sharp across the mid­dle 75 per cent of the field of view. We thor­oughly en­joyed scan­ning colour­ful starfields with these.

They are very well-bal­anced, which makes them feel even lighter than they ac­tu­ally are. This means you can use them for long pe­ri­ods be­fore aches and strains set in. The rib­bing on the prism hous­ing gives a very se­cure grip, even if they are damp with dew.

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