Dou­ble stars have a flipped disc

The ring of gas cir­cles the poles not the equa­tor

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New ob­ser­va­tions by the $WDFDPD /DUJH 0LOOLPHWUH 6XEPLOOLPH­WUH $UUD\ $/0$ have found a dou­ble star sys­tem sur­rounded by a ring of dust that’s been knocked over on its side.

The dusty ring is a pro­to­plan­e­tary disc, which could one day form plan­ets. Though plan­e­tary sys­tems have been found around bi­nary stars be­fore, this is the UVW WLPH WKH\ KDYH EHHQ found at right an­gles to the stars’ or­bit.

6RPH RI WKHVH SODQHWV HQG up be­ing mis­aligned with the spin of the star, so we’ve been won­der­ing whether a sim­i­lar thing might be pos­si­ble for cir­cumbi­nary plan­ets,” says *UDQW 0 .HQQHG\ IURP WKH 8QLYHUVLW\ RI :DUZLFN .HQQHG\ DQG KLV IHOORZ UHVHDUFKHU­V XVHG $/0$ WR mea­sure the ring’s ori­en­ta­tion. If plan­ets did form, they would have two suns that moved from side to side across the sky and some ex­tremely un­usual sea­sonal vari­a­tions.

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