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This month, take a trip to the realm of Ca­nis Major, the Greater Dog. From Sir­ius move 3.7° north­east to the close dou­ble star, Mu (+) Ca­nis Ma­joris (RA 6h 56.1m, Dec. -14° 03’). It has a yel­low pri­mary with a white com­pan­ion, mag. +4.7 and +9.7 re­spec­tively, a tight 3 arc­sec­onds apart.

Con­tinue this star hop a fur­ther 5.5° east-south­east, to re­veal the open star clus­ter NGC 2360 (RA 7h 17.7m, Dec. -15° 38’). About 12 ar­cmin­utes in di­am­e­ter, its overall bright­ness is around mag. +7. It has a hand­ful of 10th-mag­ni­tude stars, with the ma­jor­ity of its 80-ish mem­bers at around 11th–13th mag­ni­tude. What makes it most in­ter­est­ing are the nu­mer­ous clumps and lines of stars, with an at­trac­tively placed bright (mag. +5.4) field star, 20 ar­cmin­utes to the west – bril­liant in low power!

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