WE ASKED: What is your favourite as­tron­omy ac­ces­sory?

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Richard Leighton

My elas­tic band to stop my tele­photo lens re­tract­ing.

Mick Cas­sidy

My Wixey an­gle gauge: ba­si­cally a dig­i­tal level. It’s mag­netic and sits un­der the front of the fn­der­scope of my Dob­so­nian. Makes look­ing for deep sky ob­jects a lot eas­ier.

Peter McNulty

A Pen­tax zoom eye­piece 8-24mm.

Bren­dan Scoular

A bi­noviewer. It’s good at fool­ing the brain into mak­ing the ob­ject ap­pear 3D. Also, with two eyes open you can tease out more de­tail on the plan­ets, like Jupiter’s belts and zones.

Rav Lan­gotr

My Pole­mas­ter. It’s a great tool to get an ac­cu­rate po­lar align­ment in a short time with­out the pain of get­ting stiff neck and knees look­ing through a po­lar scope.

Roy Alexan­der

I’ve tried a few dif­fer­ent gloves and the best I’ve found are my Cash­mere lined Ital­ian leather gloves which give the best warmth/dig­i­tal dex­ter­ity ra­tio.

Michael Landon

My eyes, as I can see a lot more of the sky than look­ing through a scope; fol­lowed by my binoculars.

Gil­lian Rush­forth

A 32mm good- qual­ity eye­piece. I start any ob­serv­ing ses­sion with one of these be­cause you get the wide-feld ex­pe­ri­ence of view­ing and it gets you ori­ented in the sky, so you can then move on to higher mag­ni­tude ones and more specifc tar­gets

David Jones

An um­brella

Stephen Web­ber

My mate’s car boot. It takes all my kit when we go out to ob­serve dark skies.

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