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100 minor planets revealed

Astronomer­s have serendipit­ously discovered over 100 new minor planets beyond the orbit of Neptune. The worlds, detailed in a new paper, were found in images initially taken to investigat­e dark energy, but as the fields were wide and

deep, they were also ideal for tracking down minor planets in the outer Solar System.

Star forming regions mapped

The most detailed large-scale map ever made of Orion A, the Aquila Rift and M17

– three regions which are rapidly forming massive stars – has been created by the Star Formation Project. The map, produced using Japan’s Nobeyama 45m Radio Telescope, has a resolution of 3,200 AU, around 60 times the Solar System’s size.

SETI search takes a break One of the longest-running citizen-science projects, seti@ home – which uses the home computers of around 100,000 volunteers to look for signs of a radio transmissi­on from aliens – is taking a break. It sent out its last data to participan­ts on 31 March. The research team will now take time to examine its findings.

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