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WE ASKED: How do longer days and shorter nights affect your observing?

Mark Arnold Fewer multi-clothing layers! I tend to focus on the Moon and planets in the summer as well as a bit of galaxy or nebula hunting.

Mick Cassidy I have a Dob so it’s a 1-minute set up. Scope out all year round but for sure it gets more EP use in the darker months.

David Heflin I don’t like it – it drasticall­y reduces my scope time.

Michel Huisman It’s an opportunit­y for daytime Sun viewing, with a proper Sun filter of course.

Dale Jones Keep getting the scope out – Saturn and Jupiter.

Tony Moss I just stay up later and keep warmer.

Colin Wilson Late nights!

Steve Komarek I only do astrophoto­graphy and now I’ve completed my own design for a fully automated roll on/roll off shed I can set up a sequence in NINA, go to bed and when my sequence finishes at 4am for example, the scope will park and the shed will close up. Happy days.

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