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WE ASKED: What cosmic riddle would you most like to see solved?


Laurence Blundell Einstein’s theory of gravitatio­nal red shift.

Danny Castro Where did everything come from? How did matter just spontaneou­sly materialis­e? I doubt we’ll ever know the answer to that, but it’s fun to speculate.

AR Gavin Solving the riddle over the ‘Wow Signal’.

Dustin Ginetz Repeating fast radio bursts, although it is starting to look like they could be magnetars.

Adams Jon Exoplanets. In distant stars, are there or will there be the potential for advanced civilisati­on?

Kelvin Ong How close can we get near to a black hole?

Brian Smale Finally understand­ing what dark energy and dark matter are.

Joe Gathercole Linking quantum theory and general relativity with that elusive equation would be nice.

David Jones Why is it always cloudy when there is something special to see?

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